Conant student performs in all-state production “In The Heights”

Courtesy of Satyajit Sarkar

Students from all across Illinois auditioned for roles in the Illinois High School Theater Festival’s production “In the Heights.” Conant’s Satyajit Sarkar was the only District 211 student to make the cast.

Satyajit Sarkar, ‘19, was the only District 211 student to be chosen to perform in the Illinois High School Theater Festival’s production, “In The Heights,” performed from Jan. 10-12. Each year, students from all over Illinois have the opportunity to audition for this all-state production, which over the course of three days is seen by more than 4,400 people.

Sarkar enjoyed being with the cast of the all-state production and the experience of being in a different environment than his usual high school production. Sarkar said, “It was very fun being with those people, and you build such a tight-knit group that you could trust and you could talk to. There’s a lot of creative juices flowing in the creation of this show we put on.”

Sarkar’s favorite part of the all-state experience was learning and embodying his role.  “Discovering my character, delving deep, getting into the meat and just digging in to find who this man is, because the things that he does are not malicious in intent,” said Sarkar.

Preparation began at the end of the previous school year. Musical Director Katherine Apperson helped students fill out applications and meet audition requirements. Auditions took place in June, and official rehearsals began before school started in August.

Although Apperson helped Sarkar get through auditions, Sarkar worked hard through the auditioning process. Apperson said, “I got an email from Satyajit that he had gotten a callback, and so I met with him. Other than that, it was all him. He put in the time to choosing the monologue, he worked on them, memorized them, and came ready to perform and fixed it.”

After college, Sarkar hopes to continue with theater. Eventually, he would like to branch off into film and independent cinema.

Conant Theatre is currently working on their next production, “subText.” The show will take place Feb. 8 and 9.

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