A Blast From the Past: Teachers’ Homecoming Pictures

  • Ms. Gaza
    Ms. Gaza (English) and her date!
  • Ms. Galla
    Ms. Galla (Science) and her date at her junior year homecoming
  • Mr. Kernats
    Mr. Kernats (Social Studies) and his date at his High School homecoming dance.
  • Mr. O'Malley (ESL)
  • Mr. Opsal
    Mr. Opsal (Driver's Education/Physical Education)
  • Homecoming Picture
    Miss C. Schweinebraten (Math) and Miss A. Schweinebraten (Physical Education)
  • Mrs. Weintraub (World Language), Left- Mrs. Weintraub with her date, Right- Mrs. Weintraub with her best friends. The three of them were officers for student council and class council and planned the homecoming dance all 4 years
  • Mr. Malmquist
    Mr. Malmquist (Music)
  • Mrs. Castans
    Mrs. Castans (Math)
  • Mrs. Munao
    Mrs. Munao (English)
  • Mr. Jacobsen
    Mr. Jacobsen (Social Studies)
  • Mr. Gillette
    Mr. Gillette (Social Studies)
  • Mr. Malloy
    Mr. Malloy (World Language)
  • Mrs. Goergan
    Mrs. Goergan (Art)
  • Mrs. Spizzirri
    Mrs. Spizzirri (Social Studies)
  • Mr. Leonard
    Mr. Leonard (English)
  • Mrs. Thornley
    Mrs. Thornley (Science)
  • Mrs. Brown
    Mrs. Brown (Family and Consumer Sciences)
  • Ms. Naughton
    Ms. Naughton (Health/Physical Education)
  • Mrs. Johnson
    Mrs. Johnson (Business Education)- 1999
  • Mr. Miller
    Mr. Miller (Business Education)- The Cougar Crazies of 1993
  • Mr. Sherko
    Mr. Sherko (Physical Education) at his Freshman Year Homecoming (2000)
  • Ms. Pancratz
    Ms. Pancratz (Physical Education)
  • Mrs. Smith (Special Education/English)
  • Mrs. Lombardo
    Mrs. Lombardo (Special Education)
  • Mrs. Brown
    Mrs. Brown (English)
  • Mrs. Barkalow
    Mrs. Barkalow (Math)
  • Mrs. Kim
    Mrs. Kim (Family and Consumer Sciences)- Dance After Party
  • Mr. Mogge
    Mr. Mogge (Special Education)- 1988 at Conant ( Found in Yearbook)
  • Mrs. Bass
    Mrs. Bass (Science)
  • Mrs. Michaels
    Mrs. Michaels (English): Left- Senior Year Homecoming with friends, Right- Homecoming game at Fremd, Varsity Cheerleading Captain
  • Mr. Koll
    Mr. Koll (Music)
  • Ms. Mazzuca
    Ms. Mazzuca (English) Left- Mrs. Mazzuca with her date junior year, Right Top: Mrs. Mazzuca and friend at Homecoming freshman year, Bottom Right- Homecoming Junior year with date and sister.
  • Mr. Powers
    Mr. Powers (Physical Education)
  • Mrs. Drenth
    Mrs. Drenth (Family and Consumer Sciences)- Homecoming 1996
  • Mrs. Willis
    Mrs. Willis (Math)
  • Mr. Donatucci
    Mr. Donatucci (Physical Education)- Buffalo Grove High School with friend Laura Pabst
  • Mr. Robinson
    Mr. Robinson (Applied Technology)
  • Mrs. Differding
    Mrs. Differding (Math)
  • Mrs. Adelman
    Mrs. Adelman (Applied Technology)
  • Mrs. Garrity-Duffey
    Mrs. Garrity-Duffey (Art)- Left with friends
  • Mr. Drenth homecoming
    Mr. Drenth (Spanish)- Sophomore Year

Here’s a kickoff to Homecoming week, with pictures of Conant’s teachers at their Homecoming celebrations. Taking us on a trip down memory lane, these pictures might seem ancient, but they’re a part of our favorite teachers’ lives.

Riya Shah

Riya is the Managing Editor and a senior. This is her fourth year on the staff. During her freshman year, she was a reporter, and then during her sophomore and junior years she was the co-editor of the Activities page. Her other school involvements include BPA, Peer Mediation, Class Council, and National Honor Society. She is also a volunteer at Alexian Brothers Hospital. In her spare time, she likes to work on her Etsy shop, play the violin, bake brownies, and watch TV shows. She loves to drink iced coffee and eat french fries.

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