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  1.' Josh says:

    hey i really like what you have typed here and was thinking it could really help out my school with getting hats unbanned. I was wondering if i could use some of it of course with credit to you.

  2. I like what you said about students who wear hats not meaning to disrespect anyone. My son has been telling me about how he wants to wear a hat to school. I’ll share this information with his school’s administration for their consideration.

  3.' Elaine Neff says:

    I get that students want to express themselves and they do not mean to disrespect anyone. Not wearing hats may seem silly and fruitless to some, but isn’t it also reasonable to acknowledge that some people are raised with a different culture or even in a different time. Honestly, I don’t know why it bothers me, but it does. I know the students don’t mean to be disrespectful, but it still feels disrespectful. If you knowingly do something when you know it bothers someone, isn’t that a sign of disrespect?

  4.' From Norway says:

    We love the UK, but the scools are shocking unreasonable. How unreasonable it is for students not to be able to wear normal or neutral winterhats in yhe middlenof the winter?
    And then they complain when they get sick and stays at home?
    If UK schools FOCUSED more on how to take care of childten instead of being OFFENDED all the time, they would have less sick children.
    UK School Childten NEEDS a hero to make changes. Poor kids.

  5.' Wayne says:

    We should all be allowed to wear hats in school because it expresses our personality as a human.

  6.' Corbin Barnett says:

    it’s all so true. good job with the research

  7.' Clayton says:

    Schools will never agree. The only way to pursue this is either legally, or with a unanimous population.

  8.' Angela says:

    Let’s start a legal petition…..

  9.' Anthony says:

    let’s hats allowed in school kids need hats, because hats help kids eyes from the sun.

  10.' Big says:

    We need it

  11.' stranger says:

    I wish schools would allow hats. These are all good reasons, plus when schools make students go outside for gym or events without hats, they can get sunburn on their heads. Teachers are allowed hats at my school as well, so if hats are supposedly a “danger to schools” then teachers should not be wearing them either. I hope someday schools get rid of this rule and instead focus on things like students getting into fights more instead of non-offensive clothing like hats.

  12.' Lenox says:

    I’m not sure if the author will even see this, as its been 2 years. But I have some questions I would like to ask about this topic. If the author sees this please contact me.

  13.' Cameron Roberts says:

    I got my hat taken away at [a different] school last week and when I picked it up, there was a note with it that said that I had been warned 16+ times when I was really only told twice. It also said in the note that If I had a hat on campus whether I was wearing it or not, I would be sent to ISS (In-School Suspension) I am now done with this, and I am creating a petition with my friends against this. The questions I have are (Are you a student or administrator? student/administrator), (Do you think hats should be allowed at school? yes/no), (why are for or against it? typed answer) I am doing research and will send this to everyone in my school system. Wish me luck. Any advice is welcome.

  14.' Dave Davidson says:

    I see under a lot of opposing articles that it is because of “identification reasons” but as a student that wears almost the exact same outfit everyday and is well recognized by most staff it shouldn’t be a problem for me to wear a hat. If they’re so concerned about scanning my face I have no problem lifting my hat slightly but it’s ridiculous. Instead of enforcing a dress code to prevent concealing weapons and/or drugs, they should work more on equipment and better ways to inspect or identify a threat rather than a students way of expression to themselves and others around them.

  15.' Sad Middle School Student says:

    I agree with the argument about students being allowed to wear hats in school because I am now in middle school and i don’t wear my hat to school anymore because I am not allowed to walk in the school with a hat on my head.

  16.' middle school student in canada says:

    I did some research on this and it said in corridors/hallways it isn’t disrespectful to wear a hat so… yeah also why would they want to see my face when I’m the only person in the school that has a sweater I almost always wear (it’s from staples and that doesn’t exist in Canada)

  17.' andy says:

    we need hats for life

  18.' landin alton says:

    hats should be alowed in schol

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