Homecoming 101: Tips from Elisa and John

  • Homecoming is fast approaching; as one of the most exciting events of the entire year, it is jam packed with five whole days of matching school spirit, a coronation assembly, a football game, decoration of the school hallways, and, to finish things off, a Saturday evening dance. Needless to say, it is a lot of work! And many students are often not sure where to start with their preparation for it, especially the dance. Luckily, Senior couple John Raimondo and Elisa Ambrose have provided some tips from their own experiences to help everyone make their Homecoming as memorable as possible.
  • John
    Raimondo explained that he and Ambrose were only dating for a couple of weeks before he asked her. He said the key is to getting something the girl likes, if you can't think of anything unique right on the spot. Raimondo gave Ambrose a purple rose freshmen year, and a necklace sophomore year. During junior year, he bought a blank puzzle, and had Ambrose put the words together. "Honestly, I think guys are just starting to run out of ideas," he said as he laughed, "but all that really matters is just making your date happy." Raimondo also explained that it is always important to ask your girlfriend every year to homecoming, even if you have been dating prior.
  • tie
    Unlike the girls, the guys have it easy when it comes to preparation for the dance. Raimondo said it literally only takes him half an hour to slip on his suit and to do his hair. Yet there are still a few things that a guy should take heed of before getting ready for the night. Raimondo explained, “The key is for the guys to sleep in the day of the dance, and not to annoy your dates, because they’ll be trying to get ready the entire day, while us guys will probably start the hour before.” On the issue of suit wear and tying ties, Raimondo said that it is “ten times better” knowing how to tie a tie yourself than having a clip-on or your parents helping out. This way, if it gets untied during the night, you can easily impress your date by showing her you know how to tie one. Besides, what would you do if your clip-on fell off while busting those sick moves? How embarrassing would that be…
  • The moment where the whole room stops and looks your way, is when you know you've chosen the right dress. For Elisa Ambrose, that dream dress is sparkly, but not tacky. Original. It is the most carefully selected piece of the entire ensemble.
  • Elisas shoes
    What might a dress be without the perfect companion ? Elisa selects her shoes next and is sure that they compliment her dress . She loves tall heels, and this year decided on strappy heels. Her philosophy is that if the dress has eye-grabbing details, then nothing will set it off more than a pair of simply dynamic shoes.
  • hair graphic
    Elisa goes to Anthony David's Salon to get her hair done. "My hairstyle is always dependent on my dress," says Ambrose. She says she is considering wearing it up.
  • Eyelashes
    Elisa says she'll go for bold eyes this year. She loves Pinterest and says this is the "go to" website for makeup ideas. She suggests that you plan your makeup before hand and to make sure you practice the look you want to pull off. Practice makes perfect!
  • Jewelry
    To top off the entire look, Elisa will turn to accessories. She loves rings and bracelets. All serve to glamorize the dress. Since this year her dress has a bedazzled illusion top, a necklace is unnecessary. When considering what bracelets, it's important to pair a formal dress, with small beads so it can easily be paired with other jewelry without drowning out attention to the dress.
  • Corsage
    Raimondo stressed the point of matching outfits as he explained, “Even if your date doesn’t tell you, MATCH what she’s wearing. I usually bring her along with me while getting my suit, or just have a picture of her dress, so that way I know exactly how she wants it.” Raimondo also said that the corsage is something that should be the first thing you remember because it really shows your dedication to your date. As hard as it is to believe, some guys have came to dances sloppy and unprepared, and that definitely isn't the way to go! Raimondo said, "Be gentlemanly, bring along a jacket, just in case she gets cold, and look presentable."
  • Johnhair
    Homecoming is a night to enjoy, for everyone, not just for couples and dates. Different themes and atmospheres every year make the experience memorable and unique. Raimondo explained some more quick tips for his final opinions on getting ready for the big night: "Be nice to your date! Tell her she looks good, compliment her throughout the night, wear nice shoes and a watch!"
  • Both
    With this knowledge behind you Cougars, go and enjoy Homecoming!

John Raimondo is a senior at Conant High School who is involved in Gymnastics, Senior Class Council, and National Honor Society. He and his girlfriend of three years, Elisa Ambrose, have attended Homecoming every year, and plan on going this weekend as well. Ambrose is also a senior and is involved in Volleyball, Softball, National Honor Society, Business Professionals of America, Senior Class Council, and is a volunteer at Alexian Brothers.

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Valeria, senior, is a Faces writer and graphics artist on the Crier. She is involved in NHS and works part time in retail. Valeria is also a registered fisherwoman and enjoys going on fishing trips with her dad.

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