Homecoming 2014

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    The background to the Homecoming Coronation assembly.
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    Student Council board member, Shil Mehta, passed out wristlets and t-shirts to the crowd.
  • IMG_9927
    The Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers dress up as our favorite princesses.
  • IMG_9937
    Mr. and Mrs. Spizzirri dress up as Mickey and Minnie Mouse to welcome to freshman attendees.
  • IMG_9988
    John Raimondo and Clare Donohue are crowned Homecoming King and Queen.
  • IMG_9992
  • IMG_9921
    The Cougerettes get pumped for their first performance of the year.
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    The Cougerettes perform at the Coronation Assembly and get the students pumped up for Homecoming Week.
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  • DSC_0090
    The Conant Band welcomes students in the Pep Assembly on Friday.
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  • DSC_0115
    Various Fall teams are recognized for their achievements so far in the season: The Golf team
  • DSC_0121
    The Swim Team
  • DSC_0107
    The Track Team
  • DSC_0125
    The Boys' Soccer team
  • DSC_0109
    The Girls' Golf team
  • DSC_0132
    The Girls' Volleyball team
  • DSC_0170
    The Charrelles perform at the Pep Assembly.
  • DSC_0093
    The Cheerleaders huddle before their performance
  • DSC_0137
    The Cheerleaders perform their routine.
  • DSC_0141
  • DSC_0154
  • DSC_0156
    Senior varsity cheerleaders dance with a teacher of their choice: Mr. Leonard and Mucia Burke.
  • DSC_0159
    Tiana Graff and Mr. Spizzirri
  • DSC_0150
  • DSC_0193
    Mr. Kernats plays a pirate who tries to disrupt the assembly.
  • DSC_0200
    Football players carry out the disgraceful pirate.
  • DSC_0179
    Varsity Orchesis performs.
  • Byf9uuQCAAAsKLo
    Choir dresses up for Decades Day
  • Byf9uz5CcAAd16A
    The Choir class on Neon Day
  • Byf9uyKCIAA4_QQ
    Choir Seniors on Toga Day
  • Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.00.24 PM
    Seniors dress up on Thursday in Togas.
  • Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.00.49 PM
    Ameris Jimenez and William Chen
  • Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.00.34 PM
    Chandler Lantern and Bianca Melone
  • IMG_3621
    Christianna Tai, Riya Shah, and Kaityln Chantrey dress up for Toga Day.
    Chase Hermanson
  • Katie Lomas
    Dani Engelbreit, Alissa Wachal, Dee Dee Durr, Elisa Ambrose, and Katie Lomas reannact the Breakfast Club for Decades Day.
  • IMG_2740
    Carly Bryeans, John Raimondo, Elisa Ambrose, Annie Egan, Heather O'Brian, and Sarah Erhardt decked up for Decades Day
  • IMG_2734
    Leah Celarek, Jake Jones, Nickan Azarafrooz, and Jen Nelson
  • DSC_0017
    Students start putting up Homecoming Decorations on Thursday Night.
  • DSC_0016
    This year's Homecoming Decorations, photographed by Jacob Iwaniuk.
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  • DSC_0006
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  • DSC_0015
  • DSC_0017
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  • DSC_0012
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  • DSC_0010
  • DSC_0009
  • DSC_0008
  • DSC_0007

Congratulations to Freshman Class Council and Sophomore Class Council for winning the trophy for the best hallway decorations! Here’s a gallery of the decorations as well as some of the homecoming festivities from this year!

Photo Credits: Gabe Gatmaitan, Taylor Waidanz, Michelle Daniel,  and Jacob Iwaniuk. Thank you to all of the students that sent in pictures! If you want to be included in future galleries, be sure to follow our Twitter @conantcrier.


Riya Shah

Riya is the Managing Editor and a senior. This is her fourth year on the staff. During her freshman year, she was a reporter, and then during her sophomore and junior years she was the co-editor of the Activities page. Her other school involvements include BPA, Peer Mediation, Class Council, and National Honor Society. She is also a volunteer at Alexian Brothers Hospital. In her spare time, she likes to work on her Etsy shop, play the violin, bake brownies, and watch TV shows. She loves to drink iced coffee and eat french fries.

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