How to be a VSCO girl on a budget

VSCO, originally noted as a popular photo editing app, is creating a new identity among teenage girls. The biggest problem for teens recreating the VSCO girl lifestyle is the price tag. Trying to afford the look can get pricey quickly, so here’s a list of alternatives to help you pull off the look. 


Livia Bensi | Conant Crier

1. Hydroflask

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated. Why not do it in style?

Original: $40 Hydroflask 

Alternative: $21.95 Amazon Version

2. Stickers

These stickers can help decorate and bring your VSCO girl items to life! (Just get a pack instead). 

Original: $3-$4 per sticker

Alternative: $3-$4 per sticker pack 

3. Puka Shell Necklace 

A necklace that adorns your neck with seashells… Ariel who?

Original: $18 Urban Outfitters Pacific Palms Shell Necklace

Alternative: $8 Amazon Version

4. Fjallraven Kanken backpack

Livia Bensi | Conant Crier

Have you ever wanted to flex on everyone with your school supplies? This backpack will be perfect to stay in style during school!

Original: $80 Fjallraven Kanken

Alternative: $36.99 Amazon Version

5. Oversized T-shirts

A staple in any VSCO girls’ wardrobe. This look can be easily achieved by hitting up your local thrift store for some REAL vintage t-shirts. 

Original: $39 Urban Outfitters Oversized T-Shirt Dress

Alternative: $5-$10 Go thrifting! It’s a great way to actually save the turtles. Up cycling t-shirts can ensure you have a unique look.

Livia Bensi | Conant Crier

6. Friendship Bracelets 

The perfect way to show that you have friends! Just kidding, but these bracelets can help add some color and decor during your day.

Original: $15-$30 friendship bracelet thread 

Alternative: $5.69 DIY Version

7. Birkenstocks 

Birkenstocks? More like Brokenstocks. Paying $100 on Jesus sandals is kind of absurd, but thank God Target has you covered. 

Original: $100-$135 Birkenstocks 

Alternative: $22.99 Target Version

8. Scrunchies

You’re probably wondering why not just buy some hair ties, but these scrunchies are what add color and vitality to your tied-up hair on the daily! 

Original: $60 40 pack

Alternative: $9.99 40 pack

9. Vans 

Checkered, slip ons, embroidered–these shoes are off the wall stylish and expensive. Pro tip: buy a plain white pair and paint them with your friends, or add some embroidery patches to make these shoes your own!

Original: $50 Vans

Alternative: $23.99 Amazon Version 

10. Pura Vida jewelry 

Make summer last all year round with these beach-themed bracelets! These fun-colored bracelets can illuminate any outfit. 

Original: $45 Bracelet Set 

Alternative: $8 – $12 MengPa Rope Bracelets

11. Fujifilm Polaroid Camera 

Who has the time to print out a photo? Instead, you can take a photo and instantly have the picture ready to put on your wall. 

Original : $90.00 Polaroid

Alternative : $55.99 Fujifilm Instax

Livia Bensi | Conant Crier

12. Glossier Lip Gloss/Lip Balm

Description: Have you ever walked into Sephora and left because the CHAPSTICK was $21? Well, same. Achieve the same glossy carefree look with this lipgloss. 

Original: $14.00 Glossier

Alternative: $3.75 Amazon Version


The Complete Look

Original Price : $533

Alternative Price : $205.34

Money Saved : $327.66

Now it’s time for you to take over Instagram one scrunchy at a time!'

Vasu Janjrukia

Vasu Janjrukia is the Web and Multimedia Editor for the Crier and is a senior at Conant. This is his third year on the Crier. Whenever he’s not doing homework or at school, you can probably find him watching YouTube videos.

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  1.' angie says:

    ummm you can just buy burts bees cuz thats vsco and it saves you the shipping fee if you buy lip gloss online. you can probs just get burts bees at like any drugstore like bartell or something

  2.' vscogirl8475960679 says:


  3.' Yeet girl says:

    Thanks! This really helped. One more thing, I actually got 54 scrunchies for 7.99!

  4.' Vsco Girl says:

    sea shell necklaces arent that expensive, and you can find real hydro flasks at Dick’s Sporting Goods and it isnt that expensive…

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