How to be a VSCO girl on a budget

Joyce Shim Kim co-wrote this article.

VSCO, originally noted as a popular photo editing app, is creating a new identity among teenage girls. The biggest problem for teens recreating the VSCO girl lifestyle is the price tag. Trying to afford the look can get pricey quickly, so here’s a list of alternatives to help you pull off the look. 


Livia Bensi | Conant Crier

1. Hydroflask

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated. Why not do it in style?

Original: $40 Hydroflask 

Alternative: $21.95 Amazon Version

2. Stickers

These stickers can help decorate and bring your VSCO girl items to life! (Just get a pack instead). 

Original: $3-$4 per sticker

Alternative: $3-$4 per sticker pack 

3. Puka Shell Necklace 

A necklace that adorns your neck with seashells… Ariel who?

Original: $18 Urban Outfitters Pacific Palms Shell Necklace

Alternative: $8 Amazon Version

4. Fjallraven Kanken backpack

Livia Bensi | Conant Crier

Have you ever wanted to flex on everyone with your school supplies? This backpack will be perfect to stay in style during school!

Original: $80 Fjallraven Kanken

Alternative: $36.99 Amazon Version

5. Oversized T-shirts

A staple in any VSCO girls’ wardrobe. This look can be easily achieved by hitting up your local thrift store for some REAL vintage t-shirts. 

Original: $39 Urban Outfitters Oversized T-Shirt Dress

Alternative: $5-$10 Go thrifting! It’s a great way to actually save the turtles. Up cycling t-shirts can ensure you have a unique look.

Livia Bensi | Conant Crier

6. Friendship Bracelets 

The perfect way to show that you have friends! Just kidding, but these bracelets can help add some color and decor during your day.

Original: $15-$30 friendship bracelet thread 

Alternative: $5.69 DIY Version

7. Birkenstocks 

Birkenstocks? More like Brokenstocks. Paying $100 on Jesus sandals is kind of absurd, but thank God Target has you covered. 

Original: $100-$135 Birkenstocks 

Alternative: $22.99 Target Version

8. Scrunchies

You’re probably wondering why not just buy some hair ties, but these scrunchies are what add color and vitality to your tied-up hair on the daily! 

Original: $60 40 pack

Alternative: $9.99 40 pack

9. Vans 

Checkered, slip ons, embroidered–these shoes are off the wall stylish and expensive. Pro tip: buy a plain white pair and paint them with your friends, or add some embroidery patches to make these shoes your own!

Original: $50 Vans

Alternative: $23.99 Amazon Version 

10. Pura Vida jewelry 

Make summer last all year round with these beach-themed bracelets! These fun-colored bracelets can illuminate any outfit. 

Original: $45 Bracelet Set 

Alternative: $8 – $12 MengPa Rope Bracelets

11. Fujifilm Polaroid Camera 

Who has the time to print out a photo? Instead, you can take a photo and instantly have the picture ready to put on your wall. 

Original : $90.00 Polaroid

Alternative : $55.99 Fujifilm Instax

Livia Bensi | Conant Crier

12. Glossier Lip Gloss/Lip Balm

Description: Have you ever walked into Sephora and left because the CHAPSTICK was $21? Well, same. Achieve the same glossy carefree look with this lipgloss. 

Original: $14.00 Glossier

Alternative: $3.75 Amazon Version


The Complete Look

Original Price : $533

Alternative Price : $205.34

Money Saved : $327.66

Now it’s time for you to take over Instagram one scrunchy at a time!

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