Conant hosts successful Public Forum Debate

Last Saturday, November 11th, Conant hosted the Conant Cougar Public Forum Debate meet, where 250+ students from 17 local schools competed in a tournament. 


Alexa Orlowski | Conant Crier

Students gather in the cafeteria to diligently prepare for their upcoming debates.

The tournament consisted of four rounds, and during each round, competitors (in singles or doubles) went to their assigned classrooms to argue one side of a debate question against their opponent(s).

Alexa Orlowski | Conant Crier

Two doubles teams set up the room for their debate.

The tournament was a success for Conant, with members of the JV debate team placing fifth (Arjun Wadhwa and Krish Bothra) and sixth (Anay Maheshwari and Danny Atanasov) place. 

Alexa Orlowski | Conant Crier

Conant students Arjun Wadhwa (third from the left) and Krish Bothra (fourth from the left) placed fifth and won a trophy for their accomplishment.

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