Cougar Cuts: free haircuts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Photos by Jacob Sarnowski

For Teacher Appreciation Week, two students gave free haircuts to teachers in room 151 during all lunch periods. The event was sponsored by Student Council and was originally the idea of Cara Hacker, a Conant senior enrolled in cosmetology in the College of DuPage.

Anum Saif | Conant Crier

Cara Hacker, ‘24, cutting English teacher Kathryn Sall’s hair.

“I’ve always wanted to just cut people’s hair, so I’m always thinking [about] where we can do that,” Hacker said. It was her way of showing her appreciation for Conant’s teachers. Izack Tello Borja, ‘24, was also there to cut hair.  

Student Council sponsor David Moravek said that he and Hacker decided to pursue the idea when they saw each other at Operation Snowball earlier this year. 

“It really was her [Cara’s] idea, and she mentioned it to me, and I’m like ‘let’s talk to Mrs. Ardell.’ Mrs. Ardell is awesome and supported this, so here we are,” Moravek said. 

The room was set up like a barbershop, with a table for hair tools, chairs and mirrors, and even Hispanic music playing. “All the barbershops I went to growing up played Hispanic music,” said Walter Perez, ‘24, who stayed in room 151 all day, in charge of the music.  

Zehra Ozcan | Conant Crier

Dave Moravek, Student Council Sponsor and Social Studies teacher getting a haircut by Izack Tello Borja ‘24

Hacker gave haircuts to six teachers in total. Hacker said the day went well, and Moravek said he loved his haircut.

“I just worked more on time management, and then once you get rolling it’s a lot smoother,” Hacker said. 

Conant students, in general, can also make efforts to show their teachers their appreciation during the rest of this week.

“You can send [your teachers] an email or write them a handwritten letter. That’s what I did; the majority of Student Council did that as well,” Student Council member RJ Santos, ‘25, said.

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