Bisi gives eaters taste of African culture


It all started when young Bisi was taught many different African cuisines from her grandmother. Twenty years later, the family is still cooking delicious African meals.  

Bisi African Restaurant is a casual place to sit and enjoy African culture located at 853 S Roselle Road in Schaumburg. Bisi is not in plain sight, which most likely explains why many people may not have heard of it, but they sure are missing out.

The restaurant’s unique decorations were an immediately intriguing feature. One wall was covered with interesting African art pieces with descriptions next to them, similar to an art gallery. On another wall was a set of two paintings that were extremely vibrant and colorful. Seeing the art pieces of a different culture was a really special opportunity. After all, we may have different values, but art can be shared universally.

You can choose to sit at a table, a booth, or a stool at the bar. My date, Stephen Ly, and I chose to sit in a booth, but if you’re not a fan of tight spaces, the other options would be better.

The music, from a genre known as Afrobeat, fit well with the rest of the atmosphere. It had a funky, jazzy feel to it which was both energizing and calming.

The food was flavorful and left me wanting more. The menu had several options to choose from, including a vegetarian section. For an appetizer, Stephen and I shared the Moi-Moi, which was a delicious bean cake. The Moi-Moi has a consistency of Jello and Pâté.

For dinner, I ordered the Jallof Rice, a pile of rice that was seasoned with fresh tomato and sweet bell pepper puree that came with a choice of chicken, beef, pork, or fish.  It also came with cooked plantains. Stephen ordered the Efo Riro, spinach vegetable soup. It was served with Fufu, a thick pounded yam. Both were outstanding food selections that had the perfect amount of sweet and spicy.  

The prices were decent for the amount of food we received. Main courses costed around $10 and appetizer costs ranged from $2 to $7. Most drinks came in bottles and were about $2. There were no refills, which was a bit of a drawback. On the plus side, water was offered along with the ordered beverages.

The service was fast and super friendly. Our waiter recognized Stephen from a previous visit and even asked about his sister. It’s great when servers form a relationship with their customers; it makes the customers want to come back.

The overall experience was fantastic. Ethnic restaurants are entertaining, delicious, and informative. Visit Bisi African Restaurant to get a glimpse of their amazing culture.

Rating: 4.5/5 popper bowls

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Graphics credit: Eleanor Park


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