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As the clock towards Christmas slowly ticks, Christmas music continues to flood shopping malls, holiday parties, and Spotify playlists. But what can be considered the best of the best in this diverse gene? To find this out, you need a lot of time, great holiday spirit, and monumental patience with Christmas music. Or, you can just sit back, relax, and read the list below.

  1. Sitting at number ten, we have “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo,” better known as “Carol of the Bells.” The reason this one even made the list is the blending of band, orchestra, and piano. While it is credited as the song of car commercials, perhaps it is just played a little too much to be appreciated as a true compositionary masterpiece. 
  1. In the number nine spot, we have “White Christmas.” If you’ve never heard of this song before, don’t be worried. The original song is quite old, as in 1942, but newer artists have brought a breath of fresh air to the piece. The original itself is an incredible vocal performance, and newer versions have added to its majesty.
  1. “In the Bleak Midwinter,” as an orchestra or piano arrangement, claims the number eight seat. While all forms of this song are quite nice, orchestra and piano capture the from of the song best. It brings a curious sound that triggers memories of other carols, while maintaining a unique tone of its own. However, the carol stays at number eight for its repetitive nature.
  1. Lucky number seven houses another member of the vocal community, the song “Sleigh Ride.” This song is lighthearted and uses a comical aspect in its lyrics. With a more jovial tune, it’s a great song to play as you set up the Christmas tree or unwrap your presents. Careful though, as too much of this song will result in a sour taste, similar to “Carol of the Bells.”
  1. The number six may be associated with geese a-laying, but on this list, it will be known as the place to eat chestnuts. “The Christmas Song” is a classic way to enjoy a slow beat and warm lyrics, while also hearing a group of calm instruments. And with the rush of wish lists and parties, sometimes it just feels good to slow down and rest. The calm classic secures a spot on the bottom half of the list for its simple invitation to remain calm in the storm.
  1. Right in the middle of the pack is “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” a traditional Christmas Carol that can be played on a variety of instruments. While the song does have its limitations, the strong reminder of the classical side of the season is great to have around for the holidays. And it never hurts to hear a minor key, a rarity in the Christmas song world.
  1. Clocking in at number four, we have a “Winter Wonderland,” quite literally. The song is both a classic and a new song at the same time, enjoying the season from a more fantastical side. There’s a feeling of a white Christmas, while at the same time playing to the inner kid in people. So, enjoy conspiring and playing in the snow, all from the comfort of the couch.
  1. The time is right for number three, and the song of the hour is “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” If you listen closely to the lyrics, they contain both sorrow and hope. While the slow song is slightly melancholy, the idea of coming home to family and friends lightens the mood. And with beautiful vocal performances from various artists, the song shoots up to the top three.
  1. The runner up is “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. This particular song can be played with anything from a band to a single vocalist and still sound impressive to epic proportions. The song can also be played slowly to emphasize the mood, or fast to ignite a person’s ears. For the great range and tone of the song, it gains the runner up position.
  1. And now, the moment of glory, the champion of the list of carols. The number one spot goes to … “Silver Bells.” This 1951 song isn’t always the first to come to mind in the big world of Christmas, but if you take a moment to listen, you can hear the sounds of a town in full Christmas mode, perfectly preserved in time. The bells chime for the listener’s delight, and the whole song has a quaint but familiar air to it. For everything the song represents to the listener if they take time to hear, this song is the champion of the list, earning the title of Best Christmas Song.'

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