Staff picks for favorite Halloween movies

As ‘Spooky Szn’ comes to an end, the Crier staff shared some of their favorite Halloween and Horror movies. Here is a list of their all-time favorites.



“I don’t watch a lot of Halloween movies, but if I had to choose, I would probably choose ‘Nine’. It’s so intriguing and there are so many theories to be made.” – Nomin Ganbold, ’23




“Probably the only movie that ever scared me.” -Aleksandra Shadrina

“The art style of this movie added so much to the movie.  Not only this, but it is so interesting how the director of the movie portrays the book so well but adds a flash of originality.” – Aahana Goswami, ’23



Final Destination

“I love the series because of its creative kills and although it does seem repetitive, I still really like the movie.” – Connor Hasselbrink, ’21 




“It’s the only scary movie I’ve watched that still scares me to this day and I’ve watched a lot of scary movies. I love movies that get inside your head and Michael Myers definitely does just that.” – Morgan James, ’21




“Benny the Skeleton is an icon and watching all the movies on Disney Channel was my Favorite part of Halloween growing up.” – Sabah Lokhandwala, ’20



Hocus Pocus

“Hocus Pocus, obviously.” Ms. Sall

“Hocus Pocus is a classic. It’s a little spooky while being very funny and it’s perfect for the family.” – Diya Thomas, ’20



The Nightmare Before Christmas

“The Nightmare Before Christmas. It was the first Halloween movie I’ve ever watched and it used to scare me as a kid. Now it doesn’t scare me anymore, but it’s still really fun to watch. Plus, I love the animation and songs.” – Julia Hajduga, ’23



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Diya Thomas

Diya Thomas is Editor-in-Chief and a senior at Conant. This is her third year on the Crier staff. At Conant, Diya is part of the Speech Team, Orchestra, CompSci Kids, and NHS. Outside of Conant, Diya spends time scrolling through TikTok, playing the piano, and rewatching The Office, That 70s Show, or John Mulaney Netflix Specials.

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