Conant students create Recorder Club

Recorder Club founders Haley Kharvari, ‘23, and Arya Shah, ‘23, at the club’s meeting.

On Feb 15, Haley Kharvari, ‘23, and Arya Shah, ‘23, received approval from Activity Director Jeanette Ardell to create Conant’s first ever Recorder Club. The club was the result of an abrupt recorder jamming session during one of the founders’ Facetime calls. 

“We just started pulling out a recorder from elementary school and we were like ‘oh my gosh this is so much fun’” said Kharvari. “We were joking around [saying], ‘let’s start our own recorder club’, and it eventually happened.”

Interested students don’t need to have any musical background, just a desire to learn. “You don’t need to have any experience in playing recorder to join our club. We’re just there to have a good time,” said Shah.

The club’s main priority is to create a comfortable, stress-free environment. Kharvari and Shah are committed to helping students relax after a long school day. “I think it’s a really low commitment, stress-relieving club. Our number one goal is to make sure the recorder club is a place to have fun, maybe act like a kid a little bit,” said Kharvari.

Members will be taught proper finger placement on an instrument and how to read sheet music. Students will also get time during each meeting to play different music and advance to different “recorder belts.” These recorder belts are fairly similar to karate belts. As you improve in skill and experience, you will earn higher ranked belts.

Both juniors hope that the club will remain even after they graduate. The club meets every Tuesday after school in room 160 in the music hallway. Interested students can join the Schoology group using the code: Z5V9-RSZ5-RGGVQ.

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