Conant Theatre hosts red carpet premiere for musical ‘Freaky Friday’

On Nov 5, Conant Theatre virtually premiered their filmed fall musical, “Freaky Friday.” To complement the movie-esque vibe of this year’s production, Conant Theatre hosted a red carpet celebration at the school in which actors and crew members dressed up and walked the red carpet like movie stars. Here are some of the highlights from our exclusive interviews on premiere night.

How has this year’s production compared to years past?

It’s very different to say the least. People were really nervous with hybrid learning starting up and a possible spike in cases. Really it has just been a whole lot of nerves consistently throughout the whole thing, which isn’t a whole lot different from theatre in the past. Johanna Selmeczy, ‘22

It’s been more of a challenge but it’s also been more fun because we get more than one chance to get it right. Charles (Charlie) Holcomb, ‘21

What’s your favorite memory from this year’s production?

I loved filming one of the scenes in the rain. It was so much fun! Chloe Venner, ‘23

When things went wrong, we just laughed at each other. It was very therapeutic instead of freaking out about little things. Julia Gielczynski, ‘21

I think the most satisfying part was seeing the final product and seeing everything come together. Cleo Franklin, ‘21

How has theatre impacted you?

Way too much. I didn’t really call myself a theatre kid, but it’s helped me realize I want to do acting later in life. Charles (Charlie) Holcomb, ‘21.

I made so many friends from theatre. Like I didn’t know Adya before theatre and now she’s one of my closest friends.” Ain-hi Phan, ‘21

We just found a second home. Adya Verma, ‘21

Ananya Maddulapalli

Ananya Maddulapalli is Opinions Editor and a junior at Conant. This is her third year on the Crier Staff. At Conant, Ananya is apart of the Conant Marching Band, Conant Theatre, and RISE. Outside of Conant, she enjoys playing the clarinet and tenor saxophone and being with her dog.

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