Dancing With the Cougar Stars Gallery

  • DSC_0004
    Pre-vote Bags
  • DSC_0005
    Dancing with the Cougar Stars Posters with team pictures.
  • DSC_0006
    Old Scoreboard decorated in honor of Halloween.
  • DSC_0010
    Crowd right before the show started.
  • DSC_0011
    Nate Armando and Ms. Buss
  • DSC_0018
    Chandler Lantern and Mrs. Flowers
  • DSC_0022
    Natalie Crivolio and Mr.Leonard
  • DSC_0024
    "Wrecking Ball" with Ms.Garrity-Duffy
  • DSC_0034
    Gabby Viverito and Mr. Brownley
  • DSC_0047
    Gabby Viverito and Mr. Brownley
  • DSC_0057
    Mr.Harte and Chase Hermanson
  • DSC_0072
    Mr.Kernats and Samantha Ketchman
  • DSC_0077
    Mr.Mogge and Carly Bryeans
  • DSC_0091
    Mr. Melone midstep!
  • DSC_0093
    Mucia Burke and Mr.Melone
  • DSC_0100
    Winners of Dancing with the Cougar Stars, Clare Donohue and Mr. Drenth.
  • DSC_0109
    Mr. Malloy and Kassie Pritscher pose with sass.
  • DSC_0124
    Teams anxiously wait for final awards
  • DSC_0128
    Conant Charelles preforming at the show.
  • DSC_0132
    Final awards and winners are crowned!

Congratulations to the winning team of Dancing with the Cougar Stars: Clare Donohue and Mr. Drenth. The gallery above contains some highlights from the show on October 28th.

Photo Credit: Jacob Iwaniuk. We’re always looking for more student pictures! If you want to be included in future galleries, be sure to follow our Twitter @conantcrier.

Riya Shah

Riya is the Managing Editor and a senior. This is her fourth year on the staff. During her freshman year, she was a reporter, and then during her sophomore and junior years she was the co-editor of the Activities page. Her other school involvements include BPA, Peer Mediation, Class Council, and National Honor Society. She is also a volunteer at Alexian Brothers Hospital. In her spare time, she likes to work on her Etsy shop, play the violin, bake brownies, and watch TV shows. She loves to drink iced coffee and eat french fries.

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