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The boys swim team is all smiles as they compete in the Glenbrook North InviteMr. Drenth

The boys swim team is all smiles as they compete in the Glenbrook North Invite.

Due to the ongoing construction in the school, the Conant boys swimming team is unable to practice in their own pool this season. They will have to travel to Schaumburg High School every day to use their pool for practice. Aside from the travelling inconvenience, the players haven’t been bothered by this.

“It’s basically the same design as the pool in Conant. So, it doesn’t feel too strange practicing in the Schaumburg pool. It’s just a matter of travelling back and forth to the school,” said senior Paul Delutio.

Practicing in a different pool appears not to have affected the team negatively, as they have gotten off to a much better start this year than they have in recent years with a win against Elk Grove on December 5. The team has said it feels much stronger than last year, swimming more quickly than they have before. Brian Drenth, the head coach of the team, said, “We are definitely better this season than we were last season. Most of our guys got bigger and stronger swimming in the offseason.”

Because they put in a lot of work in the offseason, they look much improved and more competitive. But, the biggest difference between last season and this season is the amount of leadership on the team. Senior Kevin Courtney said ,“Last year, we had very few seniors on the team. However, this year there are a lot more seniors, making this a different type of team ready to compete.”

Their ultimate goal is growing from a dream to a legitimate possibility as the season goes along. “Our expectations for this season are to swim fast and have a great attitude. If we continue to do that, we will be able to reach State this season, which would accomplish our goal,” explained Drenth.

Justin Kumar

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