Intervention hallway provides new opportunities

Margaret Zhang | Conant Crier

This school year began with changes in the intervention hallway. These changes consist of the combination of math, science and English tutoring in Room 108, the movement of Test Make-Up to Room 120, and the addition of the SAT prep room in Room 107. The math, science and English tutoring room now includes various AP prep books. Starting Sept. 5, the tutoring room will also be open from 6-8 p.m on Wednesdays to provide an additional opportunity for students with after school activities to study.

The Test Make-Up classroom has also been moved. Assistant Principal Jordan Catapano said the reason for this move was to prevent sounds from the band room from disturbing students during test taking. Taking the place of where test make-up used to be, the SAT prep room welcomes any student during the second half of their lunch period to work on key concepts for the test. For more information about SAT prep, email Kevin Garvey at [email protected].

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