Crier Inquires: how do the SAT and ACT cancellations affect you and your plans for the future?

Due to the coronavirus, the College Board canceled the in-school SAT exam originally scheduled for April 14. The April 4 ACT exam was also canceled and rescheduled to June 13. As a result, the district is offering a practice online SAT on April 14 and 15. The SAT and ACT are important tests for juniors because many colleges require a standardized test score in their application. So, the Crier asked juniors: how do the cancellations affect you and your plans for the future?

Nicholas Chen

Nick Chen, ‘21

For me personally, this doesn’t really have that big of an impact. But many students in Conant and Illinois as a whole were relying on free testing or testing towards the end of their junior year. There definitely needs to be some sort of school-wide testing opportunity available for this year’s juniors, possibly fall this year.”


Julia Flaishaker

Julia Flaishaker, ‘21

“I’m kinda upset about it because I only took the ACT once and I was looking to improve my score. I’m still going to apply to the schools I planned to, but it’s frustrating that I most likely have to take either the ACT or the SAT over the summer.”


Jay Gandhi

Jay Gandhi, ‘21

“With the cancellation, I feel as if this is an opportunity to prioritize my classwork and grades while improving myself.”



Rhea Moozhayil

Rhea Moozhayil, ‘21

“Well, the SAT cancellation certainly impacted my life. I studied for a month in advance and I felt pretty prepared to take the exam in March. Not only losing that opportunity but with the state-mandated SAT being canceled, my perspective on how I will have to approach submitting these scores for college has changed. I definitely still plan to take it when it’s available, but that may alter my schedule that was set for senior year. However, I do believe that the right decision was made in the midst of this epidemic.”

Diya Thomas

Diya Thomas is Editor-in-Chief and a senior at Conant. This is her third year on the Crier staff. At Conant, Diya is part of the Speech Team, Orchestra, CompSci Kids, and NHS. Outside of Conant, Diya spends time scrolling through TikTok, playing the piano, and rewatching The Office, That 70s Show, or John Mulaney Netflix Specials.

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