Psychology on display: 2015 psych fair

  • unnamed-1
    Seniors Taylor Waidanz and Allison Cicero show off their research on mental illness in Cook County prison.
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    Juniors Yekyeong Paik and Ashley Jun with their poster on fortune telling.
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    Seniors (from right to left) Aisha Ali, Nicole Mihaylova, and Liza Sarmiento stand by their project on the violations of social norms.
  • unnamed-6
    Seniors (from right to left) Sarah Gregory, Mikayla Stumpf, and Chase Dorn in front of their poster on body image in athletes.
  • unnamed-4
    Juniors (from right to left) Cami Myers, Jessie Maybrun, and Lily Morawski with their project "It's all in my head".
  • unnamed-5
    Seniors Carly Bryeans and Alissa Wachal pose in front of their project on the psychology of grocery stores.
  • unnamed-7
    Superintendent Dr. Dan Cates explores the psychology of superheroes.
  • unnamed-2
    Seniors (from right to left) Dhriti Anand, JJ Marszalek, and Michelle Maraigan pose with their poster on the psychology of superheroes.

On Wednesday, May 20th, Conant held its annual AP Psychology Fair to showcase the abundance of information psychology students have learned throughout the 2014-2015 school year. Topics ranged from the psychology of color to fascination with celebrities and even the psychology behind some of the world’s most beloved superheroes. Here is just a snapshot of the many projects displayed.


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