How to win at winning

Working hard to succeed is what counts when you want to win.Caitlin Eder | Conant Crier

Working hard to succeed is what counts when you want to win.

From capitalism to school activities, America eats, breathes, and sleeps competition. Whether we like it or not, when we are in bed sleeping, our competition is out training harder for the next race. When we decide it’s time to call it a night, our competition is whipping out another chapter and intensely studying for the next test. When results come out, and our competition attains success while we are slapped with failure, we often feel nothing but guilt and regret. Competition triggers an explosion of emotions in people, but the scary part of competition is when someone lets their hunger get in the way of their morality and breaks the rules to satisfy themselves.

In every competition, it’s inevitable to have a winner and a loser because the world is composed of a myriad of people who rank both high and low in terms of their attributes. But winning and losing isn’t the most important part of the competition—the journey is. In moderation, competition is actually a blessing to have. Competition pushes people to maximize their full potential, rather than being lazy and making excuses because of a lack of confidence.

When someone is better than you at something, rather than trying to sabotage them, the route to success involves learning from them and using their teachings as words of wisdom or nuggets of knowledge towards attaining your goal. In fact, sometimes the underdog is the one that has a better work ethic and more of a burning desire to fulfill their dreams because they have no option but to commit themselves towards catching up to the individual in first place. However, the person ahead of the pack must maintain that position, and doing so means sometimes brutally fighting people in order to destroy and surpass them.

In terms of the rule book, winning involves beating everyone and being the best at the competitive event performed. However, winning isn’t just about receiving a title or always being the best; it’s about devoting yourself fully to what you want and hammering your goal with persistence and a willpower that could prompt you to die for your desires. Winning involves learning to smell the roses along the journey. In other words, you must enjoy the path towards your goals because with this approach, you will gain an endless amount of significant knowledge that betters your chances at winning. It is important that winning is about personal achievement and attaining self-actualization and, therefore, being extremely happy with who you are and what you do. On the other hand, truly losing only happens when you let yourself get overtaken by competition and forget to appreciate your resources and the special moments along the journey.

Whether you win or lose a competition, the most important part is that you are proud and genuinely happy for your competitors when they succeed. When you better yourself with what you learned along the way of the competition, you are winning. Every competition is designed to test the limits of people and see who can use their mind, body, and soul to make their dreams a reality. It’s like the struggle between AP and regular classes; some students do better by being expected to work under the most difficult circumstances because they get the most respect and awe from others when they perform well. Many people enjoy winning because they find gratification in being looked upon as the best while others build their ego and confidence off of challenging themselves and coming out on top.

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