Conant Color Guard team has spectacular debut in athletics

Picture this–you are at a football game, and it’s halftime. The marching band comes out, along with… those people with flags? That would be the Color Guard team, which performs with the band during the marching season. Currently, they are in their own competitive season, which is off to a great start. Even though they are a new team, they have made progress, improving to 58 points out of 80 from an earlier 42 points, in just one competition.

Marking their first year as a complete team, (as before there were only three members), they participated in their first competition on February 18 at Schaumburg High School. Even though they didn’t bring home the victory, finishing in 6th place, the team has improved, as they have modified their routine by adding new formations, movements, placements, and learning new skills, such as tosses, and easier skills as well.

Color Guard team member Hannah Justo, ‘27, said it was her mom, who was part of the Hoffman Estates High School Color Guard, who encouraged her to join the team. “It was really inspiring, listening to my mom talk about Color Guard, and it made me want to learn,” Justo said.

The first year coach at the center of it all, Desi Rae Stricker (who also works as a Media Assistant in the library), said the team is bonding well. “The team is built on friendship, for sure, and they have been helping each other learn through this process.” 

Stricker also expressed some of her hopes for the competition season. “I definitely hope that the team will grow and develop,” Stricker said. “I also hope that the passion and the perseverance continues.”

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