Do you feel like sophomores learned something in PRIDE this year?

With Conant sophomores taking another semester of PRIDE after taking virtual PRIDE lessons last year, we wanted to know what they felt about repeating the class. Sophomores were asked if they wanted a second semester of the class sometime in October, so we wanted to know what they thought of it now, with the semester almost coming to an end. We presented sophomores, sophomore PRIDE mentors, and PRIDE staff with this question: Do you feel like sophomores learned something in PRIDE this year?

Pranjali Pabbu: “Sometimes, yes, but there were more cons than pros. The lesson about finals was pretty useful. I’m pretty lucky because I have most of my friends sitting next to me in PRIDE. But I feel like PRIDE can break other people apart from their friends.”

Kahnishga Solaidurairaj: “Everything I kind of learned was the same as last year, so I guess you could say it was a refresher. But I don’t want a second semester of PRIDE because I feel it will be really repetitive. My PRIDE experience has been fun, and I really like all my PRIDE mentors and the games. I like the skill building exercises, not the Kahoots, because I know a bunch of people in PRIDE.”

Nikolas Kardaschow, ‘23 (mentor): “They [sophomores] know most of it, this is just getting them to familiarize themselves with normal school again. It’s been good, and I like how I’ve bonded with the students. Some sophomores don’t like it, but it’s just how it’s going to be. There’s always someone that won’t like it.”

Mr. Nathan (English teacher, PRIDE supervisor): “I think because last year, sophomores didn’t have a traditional year, this is a good way to reacquaint them with Conant’s resources and the school. This is my third time doing PRIDE, and I really like how it introduces students to Conant culture. I also like that it’s an opportunity for mentors to develop leadership skills. I really like the part that it’s student-centered and student-run.”

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