Crier wants to know: Valentine’s or Galentine’s?

As mid-February rolls around every year, it is clear that “love is in the air” at Conant. Hallways are filled with girls dressed in their favorite pink outfits, and candy grams are being delivered to students by members of RISE. Although the more traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day might be for someone to hand their significant other flowers and chocolates—maybe even a jumbo teddy bear if she’s lucky—many students at Conant choose to celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’, a day embracing female friendship, instead. This week, the Crier wanted to know if Conant students prefer spending their day with a special someone or their best friends.

Arissa Patel, ‘27

“I would honestly pick galentine’s over Valentine’s [Day] because it’s more fun to celebrate with a group of friends. Dates come and go but friends don’t.”




Diya Kumar, ‘26

“Galentine’s because I feel like you will be able to do a lot more with friends…well, unless you go on a double date!”




Arianna Puskarz, ‘25

“I would rather celebrate galentine’s because me and my friends love to go out together and dress up and take pictures, and galentine’s is a really good excuse to do that.”





Stephanie Filtcheva, ‘24

“I would rather celebrate galentine’s day because I think there’s something so fun about wearing pink with all your friends and eating a ton of chocolate and just talking. It’s a fun excuse to catch up and spend time together!”

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