Blood drive volunteers encourage donations

In the atrium this Friday, February 23rd, Conant’s Medical Careers Club will be hosting its annual blood drive in conjunction with Vitalant, a company that specializes in organizing blood and plasma donation events.

If you are interested in donating blood to the cause, sign-ups will be available during lunch periods this week in the cafeteria. Participants must be at least 16 years of age, and all students must get a form signed by a parent or guardian regardless of age. In addition, be sure to check Vitalant’s requirements below for blood donation to ensure your eligibility. 

Courtesy of Vitalant

Additionally, all volunteers will receive a coupon for a Papadilla flatbread sandwich from Papa Johns for their donations. 

Currently, our country is amidst a blood donation crisis, with the lowest number of people donating blood in the past twenty years (Red Cross). “This crisis has led to hospitals having floors of patients in dire need of blood,” Benjamin Sobczak, class of 2024 and first year member of medical careers club informed. “By donating, we can, as a school, do all that is possible to assist the community that surrounds us.”

There are numerous reasons why students should donate blood if eligible. “Volunteering for the school blood drive is important because it helps save lives,” Medina Maksumic, class of 2024 and second year member of the Medical Careers club said. “It also encourages everyone to take responsibility for our community’s well-being.”

Sobczak elaborates on this idea by emphasizing the importance of community-building centered around the sentiment of blood donation. He said, “Ultimately, by allowing yourself to empathize with everyone inhabiting our planet, we will see our community as a whole thrive.”

Maksumic, who has also volunteered in the past to donate blood herself, explains her personal reasons for donating, “It’s a straightforward way to make a tangible impact. Knowing that my blood donation could be a crucial part of someone’s medical treatment or emergency care is a compelling reason for me,” she said.

If you have any questions about the event, please direct them to Vicky DeGuia, CNA instructor and Medical Careers club sponsor at [email protected].

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