The Power of the Brain, the Consequence of Beauty

"When coming to the debate, the brain has an upper say over beauty." Valeria Vesco | Conant Crier

“When coming to the debate, the brain has an upper say over beauty.”

As we all know, the world is not perfect. Unfortunately, part of this imperfection is that the world is a judgmental place. People are constantly judged on their facial features, hair colors, eye colors, and bodies. If we are to judge, people should be judged solely by their character–most of all, their brains.

Beauty is a comparative idea. To me, life is enlightened for brains and not for beauty. A beautiful person with a dull brain is of no use. Someone may be exceptionally beautiful, but they will lose the beauty as they age. Physical beauty abates.

Brains, on the other hand, are earned. Brains will stay throughout one’s life. If one’s brain is not used, he or she becomes a creature, something less human. With a brain, a man (or woman) can contribute to any respected profession to help change society or even the world. Someone with brains can easily win the hearts of the common society through their invaluable services to mankind.

I do understand that it is rewarding to look nice. But sometimes, the pressure to achieve unrealistic physical beauty takes a toll in the lives of virtually all people (especially women), and this pressure’s steady drumbeat wreaks havoc. This leads to disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. From new levels of spending on cosmetic alteration to health risks and to the emergence of a “mean girls” culture, the lifelong burden of an unattainable beauty and body image takes a terrible toll in all areas of people’s lives.

What would we do if all the curlers, straighteners, fancy clothing, and makeup was taken away from us? Girls would begin to feel insecure, they would think they’re disgusting, that they’re ugly. Makeup is a fake face on top of our real ones. It isn’t who we really are. So, without it, who are we? What do we have?

The answer is, we have our brain. Beauty is God’s creation which cannot be made better, whereas the brain can be developed through human efforts. Our brain has the capacity to retain a career and gain recognition. Many who are smart may not be beautiful, but the brain is present in every human in varying capacity. Even people not known for their beauty may possess a sharp intellect and the capacity to achieve great things. On the contrary, a beautiful, brainless idiot cannot stand up in the race of life. Life is a journey where obstacles are thrown at a person and the only way to avoid them is by using their brain. With brains, man has gone to the moon and into the depths of the sea. Beauty alone can never achieve that.

Beauty or brains?
A question that seems to be
Aimed at the young girls in our society.
Why must a little girl be
Criticized if she
Chooses to accentuate her looks
By contouring her mind?
Why should her choice of concealer
Conceal her desire to learn?
Who says that because she can differentiate,
We must differentiate her from the pageant contestants?
Is there a side effect where the mascara she uses seals her eyes shut
So that she cannot read the lines of a book?
Where is it written that eye shadow must shadow her thoughts on politics?
Since when does CoverGirl prevent you from opening a book cover, girl?
There should be no choice between appearance and ability
Because to me
Brains is what makes the beauty.

Aditi Katwala

Aditi Katwala is a senior at Conant High School. She is excited for her final year working on the Crier as an editor in chief. She is also the captain of the Congressional Debate Team, president of HOSA, and involved in BPA. In her free time, she enjoys Indian classical dancing, Netflix and volunteering at local hospitals. Something that many don't know about Aditi is that she did her Bharatnatyam Arangetram (dance graduation) during the summer of 2014.

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