Student Council brings back Mr. Cougar with new activities and date

Allison Pariso | Conant Crier

After taking a year off due to scheduling and timing conflicts, Student Council is bringing the Mr. Cougar event back. On March 9, students can watch senior boys compete for the title of “Mr. Cougar” in a series of judged activities.

This year, 15 seniors will participate in activities like a lip sync battle, a group dance, a pick-up lines contest, and a new pie-eating contest.

Student Council Advisor David Moravek explained why the event didn’t take place last year. “The problem with the schedule was that we ran into [Advanced Placement] conflicts or athletic conflicts where the boys could not participate. So, we ended up canceling it for one year. Now, we’re bringing it back and are super excited for that,” he said.

The money raised during the event will fund the Larry Schroeder scholarships given to Conant students.

Moravek said, “We give out a $500 scholarship to a student selected for outstanding achievement by the Conant Special Education Department.”

He described the event as light-hearted and fun. “In many ways, it’s kind of a silly, glorified male beauty contest,” he said.

Participant Zach Gold talked about his previous experience attending the event: “It was clearly just a bunch of senior guys messing around and having fun, but for a good cause, and it was very entertaining. As soon as I received the invitation, I knew I was going to compete.”

Participant Luke Logerquist said, “I’m looking forward to having a great event and having many people come see us contestants do some really funny things.”

Starting March 6, tickets will be sold for $5 in the cashier’s office. They will also be sold at the door; however, students who buy tickets early will be eligible for a raffle.

Logerquist said he hopes the Mr. Cougar event can continue in the future. “Being Student Council Co-President, I hope that we keep this tradition going, as it’s been an annual event for a long time. It just ended up that we couldn’t do it last year.”

Moravek said, “You have a range of young men with very different talents that get highlighted, and it really represents all the different subgroups of Conant students. It’s a really fun night and fun show to come to watch.”

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