Bored at home? Here are some ideas to liven up social distancing

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In an attempt to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, District 211 schools will be closed until at least March 29. This means a two-week spring break for students. All this unexpected free time, plus being cooped up at home, might feel boring. Here are some things to do to make sure your time is enjoyable and well-spent. 

Try out a new recipe

Maybe you’ve seen the same recipe on your Instagram feed for the past couple of weeks, and your mouth waters every time it passes by. Spring break is the perfect time to try it out! Another great source to find a recipe that interests you is allrecipes. Even if you’re not an expert in the kitchen, now’s the time to make something new. 

Do some spring cleaning 

Try to be productive and get some spring cleaning done. Whether that means organizing your closet or turning your attention to that stack of dirty dishes piling up on your nightstand, a bit of cleaning is good for you. You know what they say: a clear desk is a clear mind, so clear your mind of all worries about the Coronavirus and pick up some Clorox wipes (if you can get them).

Look for a summer job/internship 

On the topic of being productive, spring break is the perfect block of free time to look for a summer job/internship. Summer jobs are a perfect way to make some extra money when you’re not consumed with school work. Internships can help you gain experience in the field you might want to go into. The Conant Career Services page on Schoology is the perfect way to find a summer job that interests you without leaving your house.

Ananya Maddulapalli | Conant Crier

Read a book that isn’t for class

If you’ve always wanted to try reading more but haven’t found the time, spring break is a great time to do so. Just make sure to disinfect anything before you start reading. If you’re not sure what book to read, ask a friend what they own. The local libraries are closed right now, so asking friends and family members for books is your best bet. The Conant Media Center also has online book resources. Sora is an app on your iPad that allows students to access books in District 211’s libraries and Flipster gives students access to magazine content.

Hang out with your pet

If you’re worried about Coronavirus, spend a little time with your dog, cat, bird, or even fish. Spending time with your pet can make you feel more relaxed and calm. Take them for a walk around your neighborhood, cuddle with them, play fetch in an open field, feature them on social media, or paint a picture of them. Social distancing doesn’t count when it’s your pet! 


Ananya Maddulapalli

Ananya Maddulapalli is Opinions Editor and a junior at Conant. This is her third year on the Crier Staff. At Conant, Ananya is apart of the Conant Marching Band, Conant Theatre, and RISE. Outside of Conant, she enjoys playing the clarinet and tenor saxophone and being with her dog.

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