Drama club presents suspenseful courtroom drama: “Twelve Angry Jurors”

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Conant Drama Club presented “Twelve Angry Jurors,” a moving courtroom drama filled with suspense and lengthy discussions of morals, as their annual spring play. Showings took place this past Friday and Saturday on April 15 and 16 at 7:30 P.M.

“Twelve Angry Jurors” is an adaptation of Reginald Rose’s original play titled “Twelve Angry Men,” and has been made into two movies and several television shows. In the drama, a jury is forced to decide whether or not a young man accused of murdering his father is innocent or guilty. If the jury decides that he is guilty, he will be punished with the death sentence; if the jury decides that he is innocent, he will walk free. The jury’s vote must be unanimous, or else a “hung jury” will be declared, and the homicide case will result in a mistrial. At the beginning of the play, all but one of the jurors believe the young man to be guilty, and after some argumentation and presentation of evidence, the others’ opinions begin to sway.

This year’s play was directed by English teacher Anna Grig and Applied Tech teacher Shayna Adelman, along with the help of student director sophomore Emma Lee.

Take a look at the show with these pictures taken at Thursday’s dress rehearsal, and check back later for a full review.

Melania Toczko

Melania Toczko is a junior at James B. Conant High School. This is her second year working on the Crier staff as a graphic artist, social media coordinator, and writer. She's a varsity member of Conant's science olympiad team, and plays flute in Conant's marching and pep bands, as well as bassoon in its fourth hour concert band. She is also a graduate of Czesław Miłosz Polish school, and a member of the Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra and Harper Wind Ensemble. In her free time, she enjoys meeting up with friends, biking, reading, drawing, and practicing her instruments.

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