Conant student renovates church garden, earns Eagle Scout ranking

Keshu Keshyap

Keshyap (left) and Eagle Scout Project Coordinator Wayne Slover (right) in front of Our Savior’s Methodist Church’s garden

Keshu Keshyap, ‘19, earned his Eagle Scout after five years as a Boy Scout. For his Eagle Scout project, Keshyap renovated Our Savior’s Methodist Church’s garden. He will be honored publically at the August Eagle Code of Honor ceremony, where his Boy Scout photos and accomplishments will be displayed. He shared his experience as a Boy Scout and information about his Eagle Scout project with the Crier.

Crier: What steps have you taken to reach the rank of Eagle Scout?

Keshyap: I’ve earned a number of merit badges, including camping and citizenship. I’ve also done many service projects in the past five years. For example, I sold pizza at SeptemberFest to raise money and have cleaned up bike paths.

Crier: What did you do for your Eagle Scout Project?

Keshyap: I renovated the church garden by fixing the garden fence so that animals could not get in, painted the fence, elevated a plaque honoring an old Boy Scout troop leader, and added an irrigation pipe.

Crier: What was the hardest part of the project?

Keshyap: Adding the irrigation pipe was difficult because I had to work out a lot of mechanics. I had some help with it, and now the hose doesn’t need to be dragged out every time the plants need watering.

Crier: Is there any advice you’d like to give current Boy Scouts?

Keshyap: Sometimes being in Boy Scouts can be very stressful, but don’t give up on your goal to reach Eagle Scout. I learned that joining something and sticking to it is very rewarding.

Crier: Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Keshyap: In order to earn Eagle Scout, I had to request people from different categories (scouts, religious, education, family, leaders) to write letters of recommendation. I’d like to thank the two teachers that wrote my letters: [math teacher Steven] Kurfess and [Band Director Kreg] Moorhouse. Both of their letters contributed to my achievement.

Dhvanii Raval

Dhvanii is the editor-in-chief and a senior. This is her fourth year on the staff; she was also editor-in-chief last year, a Features editor her sophomore year, and a writer her freshman year. Dhvanii is looking forward to a great year leading the staff. At Conant, Dhvanii is captain of the Debate team, a leader of HOSA, and also member of BPA and the Principal Advisory Board. Outside of school, Dhvanii likes to volunteer and binge watch her favorite TV shows. An interesting fact about Dhvanii is she is a black belt in karate.

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