Upperclassmen talk freshman year horror stories and what they’ve learned

As Conant welcomes the new freshman class of 2020, upperclassmen can’t help but reminisce over their first year of high school- all the challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them. The strange new atmosphere, the variety of fresh faces, and the sudden responsibility hoisted on their shoulders can all be pretty intimidating. Though it may be scary, the first year of high school is something to be embraced. The Crier found some upperclassmen to share with you stories of their beginnings at Conant, along with some advice that will help the class of 2020 make the best out of their freshman year.

Simran Walia (2018)

imageValeria Vesco | Conant Crier

Horror Story: “My second day of freshman year, I walked into my Spanish class only to realize a week later, it was the wrong classroom. The teacher didn’t even notice. My schedule was changed soon after, but it was funny that I suddenly disappeared from the class.”

Advice: “Don’t be afraid to seek help. Your teachers, upperclassmen, and the Pride mentors are all here for you.”

Valeria Moreno (2018)

imageValeria Vesco | Conant Crier

Horror Story: “I came to Conant in January from Costa Rica. I remember really wanting to play soccer, but I had some difficulty because I didn’t know English. People teased me for not knowing the language. Though I knew how to play the sport, I had trouble with the technical terms. I was lucky to have friends and teachers to help me along the way, not only with soccer, but also with my school schedule.”

Advice: “Don’t be discouraged. It gets better, especially if you have good friends to help you through.”

Colin Witt (2018)

imageValeria Vesco | Conant Crier

Horror Story: “Freshman year, I was involved with some dark stuff and I was always getting into trouble. One day I realized I needed to pull myself together. I chose to get involved in Operation Snowball. There I realized that [I’m] never alone. Now I’m a Pride Mentor, and I’ll soon become an Eagle Scout. I also hope to become an Operation Snowball director my senior year.”

Advice: “Be friendly and get yourself involved with extracurricular activities. Get to know some of the upperclassmen; they will be a great help.”

Michelle Meister (2017)


Horror Story: “My freshman year I played volleyball, and during a tournament I got a concussion and was out for a week. At the same time, a girl on the JV team had a concussion too. We met because we both sat and watched practices. Now we are best friends because of our concussion bond. She is basically my older sister.”

Advice: “Work hard and aim for good grades. It’ll help in the long run to start off on the right foot. Get involved as much as you can.”

Rohan Pathak (2017)

imageValeria Vesco

Horror Story: “My greatest challenge freshman year was having to figure a way to get to classes on time. I had to learn where the best places to go were without getting caught in traffic jams of students.”

Advice: “The new upper science hallway has been a great help to avoid the crowds. The side staircases also weave around the traffic.”

Valeria Vesco

Valeria, senior, is a Faces writer and graphics artist on the Crier. She is involved in NHS and works part time in retail. Valeria is also a registered fisherwoman and enjoys going on fishing trips with her dad.

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