Disney Personality Quiz

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Mr. Spizzirri (World Language), Mr. Fivelson (Math), Mr. Cromer (Physical Ed), Ms. Adelman (Applied Tech), and Mr. Sherko (Physical Ed)
  • Buzz Lightyear
    Dr. Small (Assistant Principal Activities Director)
  • Flynn Rider
    Mr. Malmquist (Music) and Ms. Donehey (World Language)
  • Lady
    Ms.Thornley (Science), Mr. Wolf (Social Studies), Ms. Michaels (English), Mrs. McIntyre (World Language), Ms. Garcia (Special Ed), Ms. Tajpuria (Social Studies), Mrs. Modelski (English), and Mrs. Nowak (Principal)
  • Mr. Incredible
    Mr. Catapano (English)
  • Peter Pan
    Mr. Drenth (World Language), Mr. Kulak (Science), and Mr. Borczak (Science)
  • Dory
    Ms. Comes (English as a Second Language)
  • Mike Wazowski
    Mr. Powers (Physical Ed)
  • Olaf
    Mr. Malloy (World Language), Mr. Kurfess (Math), and Mrs. Weintraub (World Language)
  • Anna
    Ms. Suvada (Technology), Mrs. Roder-Manson (Music), Mrs. Cifuentes (Media Center), and Ms. Munao (English)
  • Belle
    Ms. Brown (English)
  • Tarzan
    Mrs. Spizzirri (Social Studies)
  • Alice
    Ms. O'Brien (English as a Second Language), Ms. Mazzuca (English), Miss Fumarolo (Media Center), Mr. Zerby (English), Mrs. Halter (World Language), and Ms. Smith (Special Ed/English)

Homecoming is right around the corner!  Get into the Homecoming spirit by taking our special “What Disney Personality Are You?” quiz.  Find out if you are like the adventurous Captain Jack Sparrow, the kind and loving Anna, or another one of fifteen diverse Disney favorites.  Take a look at the gallery results from our very own Cougar staff to see whose personality is most like yours!  Tweet your results to us @ConantCrier.  Happy Homecoming!

Disney Quiz Personalities:

Alice (Alice in Wonderland): You are definitely a daydreamer.  From what’s for lunch to what your life will be like in a year, you never stop wondering.  Your tagline could be, “Things just get curiouser and curiouser…”

Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles): People consider you an everyday superhero, especially your family.  You’re great at keeping your super suit close at hand for when people need your help.  And, oh yeah.  You’re really into working out.

Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc.): You are really into following the rules.  Responsible is your middle name, and you are destined for greatness.  A tip: “Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!” is a great way to get out of a pickle.

Belle (Beauty and the Beast): You are an open-minded, very loving book worm.  Family means a lot to you, as well as sticking up for others.  Your great personality is ever enhanced by a love for music.

Elsa (Frozen): You are a very strong and independent person!  You never fail to come up with great ideas own your own.  There is never a time when you sit there with nothing else to do.  Be awesome and let it go!

Anna (Frozen): Making others happy is what makes you happy.  Sometimes things may not work out your way, but you always find a way to make the best of it.  Tip: building snowmen and getting along with siblings is a great way to start.

Olaf (Frozen): Your heart is probably the kindest one in the world, and you love to give warm hugs.  People will hardly ever find you unhappy, which is why you are the best friend ever.

Flynn Rider (Tangled): Amazingly, you are always there for those who need you most.  You’re great at being a sneak and use your world class smolder to get out of sticky situations.

Elastigirl (The Incredibles): Being flexible is your best trait.  Whether it’s making time for a million different activities or actually bending into a human pretzel, you always find time to spend with your family.

Lady (Lady and the Tramp): You are a loving and kind person.  Even though you are sometimes unfairly wronged, you find yourself taking care of others wherever you are.  Italian food and puppies are the way to your heart.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean): You are not afraid to do anything to go on an adventure and always seem to have a plan.  You’re not high maintenance when it comes to traveling, but don’t forget your jar of dirt!

Tarzan (Tarzan):You love being outside and being active.  Nature and animals will be in your heart, always.

Peter Pan (Peter Pan): Second star to the right, and straight on till morning!  Your leadership skills are a defining feature, not to mention that you know how to have fun at the right times.

Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story): To infinity and beyond!  You find it easy to fit in with any people group, but you are the only one who knows you are secretly from the heavens.

Dory (Finding Nemo): You are a great motivator for anyone who needs it.  You are an awesome friend and person, even though you may forget small things.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…


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