How to have a well deserved, unforgettable winter break

The fatigue from finals can be stressful, but do not let it take over your entire winter break. Here are many activities that you can do to make sure that you have the best break possible.

Winter sports

Arboretum on Ice, courtesy of Juliana Madonia and Julian Alba

There are many fun winter sports that you could do over winter break, such as skiing, ice skating, and sledding. “I love to do all of these winter sports,” Sara Akers, ‘19, said. “They give me such a rush. I feel stress free.”

Villa Olivia in Bartlett is Akers’ favorite place to go for winter sports. It is very close and convenient. “You can ski, sled, and snowboard there; they have it all! When I am going there with my family or friends, I know that I will have a fun day,” Akers said.

One of the most popular places to go ice skating around us is the Arboretum on Ice, at the Arboretum in South Barrington. Juliana Madonia, ‘20, has been there and suggests that everyone goes. “Ice skating is definitely the best way to spend a day with friends in the winter,” Madonia said.

O’hara explained how the winter season goes by fast, and we should enjoy it rather than sitting inside. “Winter sports only come around once a year, so go out and have fun while it lasts,” O’Hara said.

Baking holiday treats


By Haley McLaughlin

When the cold of winter is too harsh, you can always stay in and bake warm holiday treats. “It is a wonderful feeling to know that the gloominess of the harsh weather can be cured with the bite of warm, gooey cookie,” Nicole Brashears, ‘19, said.

A student from Modern Cuisine, Eva Atanassova, ‘19, said that her favorite treat to make over the holidays are cookies. Atanassova said, “Cookies are such a simple dessert, but the feeling I get from making warm cookies with my family is so great”

There is an endless amount of holiday themed desserts that you could have fun attempting to make this winter break. Delish gives over 30 crazy holiday themed desserts that you could try. “Even if they don’t turn out as well as expected, the experience itself makes it worthwhile,”  Atanassova said.

Friends and family time

Haley McLaughlin, Sara Akers, Dylan Flores, and Diego Arce

Another thing that you could do this winter break is hangout with your family and friends. “I cherish spending time with my friends and family like nothing else,” Alex Villanueva, ‘19, said. “The love between two family members or friends is amazing, and no one should ever take it for granted.”

Brashears explained that her favorite thing to do with her loved ones is play Christmas Bingo and other board games. “As much fun as playing games are, the real fun is spending time with my family and friends,” Brashears said.

Spending time with her family and friends is the most important thing to Villanueva. “It does not matter to me what we do: we could play games, watch TV, or just talk. It is the smiles given and the laughter shared that counts,”  Villanueva said. “The holidays would not be the same without the strong bonds I have with my loved ones.”


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