Security Spotlight: Mr. Gerlach

Mr. Gerlach holding two walleye from a fishing trip.

Kurt Gerlach’s dream job when he was young was to become a police officer, which he accomplished. He was an officer in the Hoffman Estates area for 26 years, and the SRO at Conant around 15 years ago. This is his first year on Conant’s security team. Crier staff got the chance to talk to Mr. Gerlach and get a better understanding of who he is and what he does here at Conant.

Crier: What is your best memory at Conant?

Gerlach: The most vivid moments I’ve had here—and I’ve just been here since the school year started this year—is just meeting new people and helping people. I see students and parents and teachers that have questions as far as they’re not sure where things are or they just need help, and I like to help them out. I like to help everyone, but I’d say I like to help students the most.

Crier: What measures are taken here at Conant to make sure the students and teachers are safe?

Gerlach: One of the main measures we take is making sure all the doors are locked and secured. We also make sure that everybody at Conant is supposed to be here, so nobody at Conant isn’t authorized to be here. We also all have strong communication among the security personnel and administrators.

Crier: How do you prioritize tasks that you need to do throughout the day?

Gerlach: Before each day starts, I have a game plan. I check what’s happening at Conant today, and what’s most important is what I do first. I make a priority list and deal with the most important things first.

Crier: What are some of the most necessary qualities to go into the security field?

Gerlach: One important thing is that someone is observant. They need to be able to get along well with people, and like to help people. Helping people is very important, because a lot of our work is helping people around the school. 

Crier: If you had one piece of advice for the students of Conant, what would it be?

Gerlach: Enjoy each and every day. Conant is a great school, so enjoy your time here.

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