Operation Snowball happening Saturday

Conant’s annual Operation Snowball will take place on Saturday, March 9, from 9 AM to 9 PM. The event is sponsored by Conant staff Ashley Ray ([email protected]), teaching assistant, and Mary Toman ([email protected]), math teacher, and will be hosted by students who have been a part of Operation Snowball this year.

But what exactly is Operation Snowball? 

Operation Snowball started in Rockford, Illinois in 1977 when participants of a youth leadership program called Illinois Teenage Institute (ITI) wanted to expand the potential for long lasting positive impact that it had. The idea was that if one person had a positive impact on another, the impact would pass on to others, creating a snowball effect. And thus, Operation Snowball was created. 

Operation Snowball is a not-for-profit program that promotes partnership between youth and adults. The program develops youth leaders providing education on topics such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug prevention, healthy decision-making, community advocacy, and mental health awareness. You can visit the Operation Snowball website here to learn more about the event’s history and its mission.

Students can also receive service hours for their participation in the event. Those who have been part of the Operation Snowball club this school year and have been trained to host the activities on Saturday will receive 12-14 service hours, while regular paying attendees can claim up to 4 service hours from the Operation Snowball activities.

Students may be concerned about attendance at the event due to a digital SAT also taking place on the same day in the morning. However, those who are taking the SAT are still able to participate as long as they notify advisers after registering that they will be able to attend the event following the test.

If you would like to register for Conant’s Operation Snowball this Saturday, follow the instructions below.

Registration instructions:
1. Complete the Google form by scanning the QR code below. Parents must provide an electronic signature and contact information in order for your registration to be considered complete.

2. To attend, you must pay $20 by Friday, March 8th, 2024. You can pay online via MySchoolBucks. Or, you also have the option to pay at the CHS cashier’s office via check or cash. You can contact the event sponsors if financial assistance is needed.

3. Register as soon as possible! Space is limited to 50 participants. A wait list will be created if all spots are taken.

4. A registration is considered complete when the form has been submitted (with the parent/guardian section completed) and payment has been received. Completed registration will be given priority.

Contact Operation Snowball advisors Ms. Ray ([email protected]) or Ms. Toman ([email protected]) in the math department with any questions.

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