Annual Art Expo showcases student work


Conant hosted its annual Art Expo last Thursday, where AP art students showcased their works while working on a current project at their booths. With the atrium filled with paintings, sculptures, and photographs, the event displayed the variety of talent in the student body.

Art teacher Jamie Peterson said, “We started the Art Expo — I want to say four years ago — because we had so many AP art students that were just storing their work in the classroom and never able to show their whole concentration. Sometimes, art students struggle in other areas in school, and this is like their place where they can be really successful, but unless they do something like this, nobody ever sees it.”

During lunch periods, students were able to look around the artist booths and talk with the artists themselves about their work.

The Art Expo proved to be an enjoyable experience for the showcasing artists. Jeffrey Pagels, ‘19, who displayed his photographs at the event, said, “It’s really nice to feel appreciated and liked by people who just like want to see your art.”

Peterson said that she hopes “the students [outside the art department] that come see it can identify how much work goes into the AP art class.”

Futo Wada

Futo is a junior, and is the multimedia editor for crier. This is her first year on the crier. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and playing the piano.

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