Music Video Day

The video above is just one example of hundreds made by students this year at Conant’s annual Music Video Day.

The annual Music Video Day showcased the works of over 200 self-made digital art and media students. They were  presented through periods 1-8 in Conant’s auditorium on Friday, December 19.

The event consists of multiple genres in video production: short films, music videos, intro graphics, anticipated or remade film trailers, horror shorts, and a speciality called kinetic typing. Kinetic typing is the basis of a lyrical video that includes lining up words with music and animation. All of these and more will be be shown in varying orders throughout the day.

Justin Bickus, Digital Art teacher at Conant High School and host of Music Video Day, explained that, “Music Video Day is just like a film fest. There are no awards given out; it’s just a great opportunity for students to show their work and creativity.” Along with expressing themselves, students are also able to delve into the possibility of future professions and students are able to look into careers that include the skills needed in the media they are making.

Started by Paul Kim in the year 2001, Music Video Day didn’t have a name. It evolved from a small group of students playing the same videos over and over gradually built up to a massive production in which all genres, entertainment, and technological developments are included.

The event provides a buffer into winter break. Students can enjoy the celebration, spend time with friends, and watch what their peers have created.

Lea Cejvan

Lea is a sophomore who joined the Crier last year as a columnist. This year she is an Assistant News editor and participates in Varsity Swimming and German club. She enjoys going on long walks with her dog and listening to copious amounts of music. She has made it her life goal to travel the world and sample sweets from every country.

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