Conant hosts first Teens for Jeans charity event

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    Students can donate any gently worn jeans February 9-13.
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    Go to to learn more!
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    Donation boxes are located near the ramp in the cafeteria and the main office.

From Monday, February 9 to Friday, February 13, Conant will be hosting its first Teens for Jeans event. Hosted by and powered by Aeropostale, Teens for Jeans is a charity that collects jeans for the less fortunate.

Camille Lutz, sponsor of the campaign and an English and special education teacher, said, “One of the most important things that people who are homeless ask for are jeans. Jeans are very versatile: you can dress them up, you can dress them down, you don’t have to wash them every time you wear them, [and] they’re warm.”

In response to why she chose this specific charity, Lutz explained, “It was just a little thing in a magazine, and it really grabbed my attention so I started to research it. I thought it’d be cool to bring to Conant.” She further explained that it was a great way to get her students involved and give them an opportunity to do something for the community.

Leo Paceana and Manny Zarate, both Teens for Jeans coordinators and sophomores, said that when Ms. Lutz came into their class to talk about this charity, everyone was excited to be a part of it. Lutz said that it was really cool to watch her students latch onto Teens for Jeans and have them participate so intently.

This charity is specifically for jeans–not capris, sweatpants, leggings, or other similar items. With their durability and versatility, jeans are what most homeless youth ask for and need.

After the donated jeans are sent to Aeropostale, they are going to be taken to various shelters in the community and distributed from there.

Donation boxes are located in the student cafeteria by the ramp and in the main office. For every three pair of jeans, students can receive one raffle ticket good for various prizes. Winners will be announced on the morning of Tuesday, February 17.

Ashley Jun

Ashley is the editor-in-chief and a senior. This is her third year on the Crier staff; she was the News editor junior year and an Et Cetera co-editor sophomore year. Her other school activities include tennis, badminton, BPA and NHS. She also works as a swim instructor at Water Works. In her spare time, she likes to read crime novels, bake desserts and watch Netflix.

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