New guitar club performs at its first recital

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    Edgar Huerta directing the performers.
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    Zaia Dinkha performing his solo of "Concierto de Aranjuez-Adagio" by Joaquin Rodrigo.
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    Edgar Huerta performing the warm up exercises with his guitarists.
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    Guitar players warming up and excited for their first show.
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    Each music stand had each guitarist's name on the back.
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    Jamaica Zolina performing her solo piece of "I Wouldn't Mind" by He is We.
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    Several members wait as other groups and solos perform their pieces.
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    Rachel Park (left) and Kristine Oh (right) performing their duet of "Riptide" by Vance Joy.
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    Guitar Club finishing their first ever recital.
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    Left to right: Jamaica Zolina, Lissette Perez-Pimentel, Edgar Huerta, Kristine Oh, and Zaia Dinkha.

The new Guitar club showcased its players for the first time Tuesday, December 16 in the Conant Atrium, featuring nine songs along with six guitar studies.

Originally known as “The Guitar Community” last year, it became an official club this year. Edgar Huerta, the sponsor of Guitar Club and an ESL teacher, said, “It was just for anybody who was interested in either continuing to play the guitar or anybody who wanted to learn how to play the guitar.”

Dressed professionally in white shirts and black pants, 15 members sat down in front a crowd of 30, prepared to play a variety of pieces. Guitars varied in color, from yellow and orange to brown and black.

A group of seven began the recital with two songs: “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig V. Beethoven and “Eight Days a Week” by the Beatles. Zaia Dinkha, a senior, continued with his solo of “Concierto de Aranjuez-Adagio” by Joaquin Rodrigo.

Jamaica Zolina, a junior, followed with a solo piece, singing as well as playing “I Wouldn’t Mind” by He is We. Two sophomores, Kristine Oh and Rachel Park, performed a duet of “Riptide” by Vance Joy, with Oh on the violin and Park on the guitar. The same group of seven proceeded to play “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

The recital ended with Oh playing “Molinos de Viento” by Mago de Oz.

Huerta said that they will begin their new season after finals and, in about three months, they will have another recital.

Oh mentioned that the “guitar community” is not just a club; it feels more like a family. It feels like a special and more than ordinary club with an awesome teacher and director.

Dinkha has been playing for about two years and just picked up his father’s old guitar, falling in love with it.

Zolina said that she started to have an interest in the guitar ever since she saw her sister perform. She explained that playing the guitar is hard, but if you really pursue it and stay determined, you can do it.

Scroll through the gallery above to see pictures of the club performing at its first recital!

Ashley Jun

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