CWTK: what’s the best NYT game?

Since the launch of The Crossword in 1942, the New York Times has captivated its readers with entertaining word and logic games. Some of the more popular New York Times games today include Wordle, which was released in October 2021, and Connections in June 2023. In the past few years, these games have become a popular pastime for students, many of them trying to figure out the day’s Wordle while bored in class. But which one of these 10 games takes the top spot? The Crier asked Conant students and staff what they think the best NYT game is, and why.

Dani Arnold ‘27

“Connections is the best New York Times game. I play it every day and I like trying to figure it out before my friends.”




Zoe Saldana ‘26

“I think the best New York Times game is sudoku. I actually played it earlier today. Growing up, in elementary school, I used to play it a lot in my math class on free days, so I think I grew up liking it a lot, and I like to play it now too.”




Vraj Patel ‘25

“Probably Wordle because I like the aspect of it where you have to think through different hints they give you, the green and the yellow and everything.”



Jenny Lee ‘24

“I would say the Wordle because I feel like it’s something you can’t really find anywhere else. Like, crossword puzzles you can find anywhere but something like Wordle you can only find there. But it’s also really simple and just like a little surprise every day, that’s why I really like Wordle.”




Ms. Haske, Librarian

“I think Letter Boxed is the most underrated and best New York Times game because even when it’s difficult it’s still always solvable for me, and I like the way it challenges me to think about new words and expand my vocabulary a little bit.”

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