Crier wants to know: what were some of your most memorable April Fool’s Day pranks?

April Fool’s Day: A day where people have a good laugh by pulling pranks or silently fume at being on the receiving end of them. It’s a day to be remembered as a class clown. To commemorate this holiday, the Crier interviewed students about what pranks they thought were memorable in past years. 

Jillian Windbiel ‘22

“One memorable prank that I participated in was when my sister and I decided to put mini cups of water in front of our brother’s door in the morning so that when he woke up and came out of his room, he would step on them and spill the water, making a mess. April Fool’s Day is such a fun day because people can get very creative with their pranks and make it a lot of fun.” 

Aryan Patel ‘22 

“My cousin switched the crème in the Oreo with toothpaste and gave it to my uncle as a prank. That would be the funniest April Fool’s prank.” 

Maria Pye ‘23

“I watched my aunt switch all the healthy cereals with all the sugary cereals in her pantry and then gave all the swapped cereals to my cousins and uncle. They weren’t happy because they wanted the sugary cereals instead of the healthy cereals. I helped my aunt put clear plastic wrap on every door frame in her house and then turned off all the lights.” 

Nicolas(Nic) Romano ‘24 

“One memorable prank that I  have seen was when my friends pied my math teacher in the face in 8th grade. When I was in 7th grade on the last day of school,  my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to have a kid line up at each door and we would all knock at once and we all ran down the hall to see their reactions.”

Victor Chrobak ‘25

“The most memorable prank during April Fool’s Day was when me and some of my family friends drove to Wisconsin. On that day in the middle of the night, me and some of my other friends took toothpaste and smeared it all over his face and bed, and then we somehow stuck toilet paper everywhere. When he woke up he started yelling and [was] asking who did that. It was funny and I found out that my friend is a deep sleeper.”'

Jamie Okulanis

Jamie Okulanis is an Opinions Editor and a Junior at Conant. This is her second year on the Crier Staff. At Conant, Jamie is a part of PRIDE. Outside of Conant, she enjoys reading and watching new shows on Netflix.

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