Dear underclassmen

Dear Underclassmen,

What is going on in the cafeteria? Every day when I enter the cafeteria for my 6th period lunch, it is an absolute nightmare. Food is thrown all over the tables and the floor. Juice boxes are left spilling out onto the tables, plates are left with food scraps, and ketchup is somehow everywhere. Why is this such an issue this year? For upperclassmen who have seen the cafeteria in the past, we know the cafeteria is never spotless, (especially 6th period), but it has never been this filthy. Besides the mess in the cafeteria, there are other problems that are more prevalent this year than in prior years, such as bathroom issues. From the cafeteria mess and the bathroom troubles to the general irresponsibility of students this year, it has been a lot to put up with, and it is time for a change.


Neela Gilbert | Conant Crier

What baffles me the most about the cafeteria’s mess is that some students seem to think garbage cans are a suggestion and our custodial staff are there to pick up after us. Simply put, there are garbage cans for a reason (at least two in every aisle), and we should all be respectful of our school by cleaning up after ourselves. Treat the cafeteria as if it’s your house, clean up after yourself, and return your tray to the designated carts after eating.


Spills happen, but if you spill milk, juice, or condiments on your lunch table or the floor, it is your responsibility to clean up the mess. There are napkins by every cashier in every lunch line. After a spill, go get a few napkins and wipe up after yourself. If the spill is too large, tell an adult, and they can help you. This is common courtesy, people! Do not leave your table worse than you found it. Before you leave the lunchroom, consider if you are leaving your table space in a way you would hope to find it if you were to sit there next. Think about the students coming into the cafeteria after you for lunch or a study hall. They don’t want to have to clean up your garbage in order to sit in their seat. Be an adult and clean up your table before you leave.

Food fun

Don’t play with your food. This isn’t preschool, and you aren’t funny.

Neela Gilbert | Conant Crier

Potty breaks 

I know the bathroom can be a super fun and exciting place for adventures during lunch, but could we all start using the bathroom like adults? If you need to go, please just do your business and get out. The stalls aren’t a place to party or see what will happen if you flush a gym lock down the toilet. If we can’t use the bathrooms for their intended purpose, we will continue to face bathroom closures across the school. Our administration will know if you are vaping, stealing, or vandalizing the bathroom, and you WILL be held accountable.

In case you forgot, here’s a list of items that belong in a toilet:

  • Bodily fluids/waste
  • toilet paper

Consider this list and what items it does not include, and then restrict what you put into the toilet. Everything else can be thrown in the trash. 

As high school students, we should hold ourselves and our peers accountable for keeping our school clean. We need to act our age and show respect for our school by keeping our personal space clean and using our resources responsibly. As we all grow older, there are more and more circumstances where we must have a certain maturity level. It’s important to learn basic courtesy and respect now because by the time you reach college and are trying to find a job, it’ll be too late.

Yours truly,

Jessie Hairrell ‘22'

Jessie Hairrell

Jessie Hairrell is a Features Editor and a senior at Conant. This is her second year on the Crier Staff. She enjoys playing volleyball and plays at Conant and at a club outside of school. You can find her spending time with her friends and family in her free time.

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