Students react to XXL cookie sale

Student Council sold XXL cookies for $2 during lunch periods on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 to raise money for pediatric cancer. This type of cookie had been previously served in Conant’s cafeteria as a regular menu item, but was discontinued before the 2014-2015 school year. The cookie sale sparked a frenzy among Conant students–the sale was originally scheduled for three days, but only lasted two. The Crier asked Conant students what they thought of the XXL cookies.

How do these cookies compare to the ones sold daily in the cafeteria?

“They’re better because they’re softer. The ones at the school cafeteria are sometimes burnt.” Stacy Krell, ‘21

“Obviously [the XXL cookies are] way better and bigger. These are so much better.” Annie Jancaric, ‘19

Had you heard about these cookies before?

“I heard they were sold years ago, but [Conant] can’t sell them anymore because of Michelle Obama.” Annie Jancaric,‘19

What do you think about the nutritional value of these cookies?

“Not healthy at all. There is grease coming from them.” Stacy Krell, ‘21

Did you plan to buy the cookie, or was it a more impulsive decision?

“I have been planning to buy them for a number of years. I heard stories about them and have honestly been disappointed by them. The way I heard them described, there was so much grease that you had to eat them with a spoon. It’s too healthy.” Nick Mussman, ‘19

“Impulse. Just go for it.” Vraj Shyani, ‘21

How do you feel about the limited quantity of cookies?

“They should have gotten, like, a bunch more because there’s a bunch of demand.” Vraj Shyani, ‘21

How was your experience selling the cookies?

“It’s been really nice to see all students coming together, because all the funds go to pediatric cancer. We’ve sold out every period so far.” Cassie Fajardo, ‘18, Student Council Membership Secretary

Annika Lafyatis

Annika is a senior, and this is her fourth year on the Crier staff. She is a co-Editor in Chief and has previously been the entertainment editor. She also plays soccer, and is a member of National Honor Society and BPA. Outside of school, Annika enjoys reading and volunteering at Petsmart.

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  1.' Ronald says:

    Conant Alum, class 08′. Thought about these cookies. Where can we get them outside of school?

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