The Crier Inquires: Is Valentine’s Day truly a heartfelt holiday, or is it just one of Hallmark’s many schemes?

While some people see Valentine’s Day as a holiday coined to give significant others an opportunity to recognize years of love and happiness, others view it as yet another one of Hallmark’s many schemes to get customers to buy its products and promote its business interests. With the romantic holiday rapidly approaching, we thought we’d ask Conant students—is Valentine’s Day truly a heartfelt time of year, or is it simply one of Hallmark’s scams?

Rubaisha Ahmed, ‘22:

“I think Valentine’s Day is a heartfelt holiday. In our busy lives, we need a designated day to honor our loved ones. And [Valentine’s Day] doesn’t just have to be for [our] partners—it can be our family and friends, too.”



Hannah Lexington, ‘21:

“Valentine’s Day is honestly just a scam. It’s a marketing ploy for businesses looking to rope people in. People shouldn’t look forward to one day to celebrate a year’s worth of love.”



Francis Sorich, ‘20: 

“Valentine’s Day is a total scam. Why is this a question? You’re wasting money on chocolate. Also, I’m single. I typically don’t look forward to Valentine’s Day!”





Maunika Gandhamaneni, ‘19:

“I feel like it depends on the person celebrating [Valentine’s Day]. For people who have boyfriends or girlfriends, it’s important—it’s almost as if you’re expected to get a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. But for single people, I understand why it could be seen as marketing scam.”



Jennifer Stearns, Psychology teacher:

“I think it depends on the person. Valentine’s Day is a nice holiday because it inspires belonging, and I definitely like its message, but that’s not to say that Hallmark and other companies don’t make a lot of money off of Valentine’s Day sales. I acknowledge both sides of the debate, and I really think the value of the holiday depends upon how you celebrate it.”

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