The Crier Inquires: Vaping fines increase

The Village of Hoffman Estates has increased the fine from $50 to $250 for students found in possession of vapes or e-cigarettes. We thought we’d ask students what they thought of this new penalty.

Joe Clark | Conant Crier

Jordan Ali, ‘23:

“I think it’s pretty reasonable because there has been a lot of studies showing that vaping is really bad, and even worse than cigarettes in some cases. I don’t think people should be vaping at Conant. [The increased fine] is basically protecting kids from harming themselves.”


Joe Clark | Conant Crier

Sydney Minch, ‘22:

“I think it’s a really smart idea because vaping has become a lot bigger of an issue recently.”


Joe Clark | Conant Crier

Tyler Alexander, ‘21:

“I personally don’t vape, but I don’t think $250 is really going to impact the amount of people already vaping. I think it is kind of useless because not very many people get caught vaping anyways. If fines really worked [to prevent people from vaping in high school], I think they would be much lower than they are.”


Joe Clark | Conant Crier

Max Osten, ‘20:

“I don’t think it will solve any problems really. Kids are stupid and they will always do things [like vaping]. They are going to rebel against authority and just adding on more consequences isn’t going to deter anyone from doing anything illegal.”


Joe Clark | Conant Crier


Rosanna Schmitt, Librarian:

“I think it’s awesome. I think $250 is going to be a deterrent. I don’t think $50 was a deterrent, but a $250 fine might make a lot of people think twice before they vape.”


Joe Clark

Joe is a writer and a senior at Conant. This is his second year on the Crier staff. Outside of school, he likes to read, write, and swim.

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