The Crier Wants to Know: what are your reactions to the presidential election?

Although Election Day was over a month ago, it seems like the journey of electing a new president only now seems to be wrapping up. With a new president-elect and an absolutely unprecedented election, we asked Conant students and staff what their reactions to the U.S. 2020 presidential election were. 

Provided by Sam Anderson

Samantha (Sam) Anderson, ‘23

“The whole entire week my emotions were on a roller coaster.  I remember going to school originally thinking that everyone would be talking about the results, but when I arrived practically everyone was silent. As the day went on, I saw many kids checking their phones frantically for any new information yet to be disappointed with no updates. It almost felt like we all fell into a hole, and were unable to comprehend anything else until the results were given. We were all stuck in the same place together, waiting for closure to come.” 

Amy Labontu, ‘22 (no photo)

“I think the election both separated and united people. Regardless of red or blue, people need to once again come together and support the new voice in office. It’s huge that we have not only the first women vice president but the first women of color as well to hold such an authoritative position. When I was younger, I wanted to be president (as most kids did) but I remember that I was told I couldn’t because I am a girl. It’s amazing to see that potential open for a future female president and it could even give young kids some more hope. I feel like more people believe that their voices have been heard and that their concerns are finally being addressed with the new president-elect.” 

Provided by Rebecca Schulz

Rebecca Schulz, ‘21

“Personally, I was disappointed in the results we got from this election; I believe many of my values might not be represented anymore, but I respect the voice of the people. Overall, I am not only disappointed with the results, but I am also disappointed with the handlings of this election. I hope that there truly was no voter fraud or cheating during the election. Since there was a lot of controversy surrounding this election, I hope the next one will be more clear and efficient. I just hope that these coming four years will no longer be filled with intolerance and hate towards others. That is one thing I have noticed in the past four years. People have become so toxic in regards to personal and political opinions, which makes me sad. We should be able to be civil and respectful regardless of our political standpoint.” 

Nico Vega, social studies teacher (no photo)

“I think the aftermath of the election has shown that our election system doesn’t work as well as we thought it would. The electoral college is not a sustainable, modern, or effective way of selecting a president.” 

Ananya Maddulapalli

Ananya Maddulapalli is Opinions Editor and a junior at Conant. This is her third year on the Crier Staff. At Conant, Ananya is apart of the Conant Marching Band, Conant Theatre, and RISE. Outside of Conant, she enjoys playing the clarinet and tenor saxophone and being with her dog.

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