How to create the perfect makeup look for Homecoming 2016

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The sophomore girl watches the hours counting down on the clock as she is rushing to perfect her makeup for the Homecoming dance that night. She fumbles with the makeup supplies as she struggles not knowing how to use them.

To avoid this, here is advice from experts on how to perfect your makeup for Haunted Homecoming 2016.

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Priming Your Face

Before putting on your foundation, you should take a few steps to ensure flawless skin that lasts. Kristy Reyes, a professional makeup artist at Mac Cosmetics, said the first step for a girl with dry skin is to moisturize, and she should use a primer no matter what skin type she has. Using primer before foundation will make it stick for hours longer.

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Achieving flawless skin

In order to achieve flawless skin, you should use the right tools to apply your makeup. Andrea Ocampo, ‘19, said, “I always use a beauty blender because it evenly blends out your foundation without leaving any streakiness.” A beauty blender is a sponge used to apply face products, and you can buy it at any makeup or drugstore. It is necessary to try not to apply with a heavy hand, so your makeup looks flawless without being cakey.

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Creating the perfect eye look

Certain eyeshadow colors make different eye colors pop. “You want to go the opposite of the color wheel if you want to make your eye color stand out. Reds and oranges really make blue eyes pop. If you have brown eyes, purple colors compliment them. As for green eyes, all of the colors I mentioned will make your eyes pop, but I recommend purples,” Reyes said.

Deanna Naura, professional makeup artist for celebrities like Sophia Bush who was at an event at the Woodfield Ulta this week, said, “You should stay in the same color tone as your dress, but based on your complexion. If you have warm tones in your skin, use warm-toned eyeshadow color. ”

The style of your dress can also affect the eyeshadow look that you should go for. Reyes said, “If the girl is going for a more glamourous look, then she should have a smokey eye. If she is wearing a soft and flirty dress, then she should go for a more soft and sultry eye.”

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Matching your lipstick

There are many different lip colors out there, so it can be difficult to know which to choose. If you want the eyes to stand out the most, then wear a nude lip. If you want to make a statement, then you can complement your eye color. For example, if you are wearing red eyeshadow, wear red lipstick, Reyes said.

An occasion like the Homecoming dance is the perfect time to wear darker colors. “Lipstick wise, you can wear a light dress and a dark lip, or a dark dress and a dark lip to match,” Rasmiya Shukri, makeup artist at Sephora, said.

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How to make your makeup look picture perfect

It is a common issue that when taking photos with flash, a girl’s foundation or concealer will seem to create a white cast in the photo. You can avoid this “by using a good setting powder. If you use one with too much shimmer, then it will bounce back on the reflection of the light,” Naura said.

The foundation or concealer is not what creates the flashback. It is the powder; any powder with the ingredient Talc in it will do this, Reyes said.

There is a myth that you should do your makeup darker and bolder for it to show up in pictures, but this just makes your makeup look way too harsh in reality, Sara Akers, ‘19, said.

Something that someone would mistakenly make darker for pictures is their contour. Reyes said, “If you want to contour, just remember that you should not see the contour line up close.”

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How to make your makeup last all night

For a dance like Homecoming, you should set your makeup with a translucent powder and a setting spray. This will ensure that your makeup lasts all night, Shukri said.

As for your eye makeup, you can wear any brand or product you want as long as you use an eyeshadow primer, Reyes explained.

Naura suggests wearing a matte liquid lipstick “because they are long lasting, so less touch ups are required,” she said.

A big downside to doing your makeup for dances is that it usually ends up sweating off. Reyes explains how to avoid this. “Wear waterproof products if you’re the kind of girl that goes crazy on the dance floor,” Reyes said.

More tips and tricks

Emily O’Hara, ‘19, explains the importance of having the right color foundation. A lot of girls have the dreaded orange line across their jaw, and this is because they match their foundation to their face color. In order to have your makeup look seamless, you have to match the foundation to your neck, O’Hara said.

There are many new makeup trends that can be tricky to pull off. “Keep it classic. You never want to look back on pictures and ask what you were thinking,” Naura said. “Trends are fun, but Homecoming pictures are what you look back on and show your kids.”


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