Stylish looks for the winter season: females

Putting away your shorts, dresses, or tanks may be a tad bit sad, as it seems like the end of a sun-sational era. But these ladies are here to give you some tips on how to keep your toes on but also rock those shoes.


As we Chicagoans know, it gets cold up here. Keeping warm is an essential, but finding the right look is just as essential.

Compton's olive green Khaki jacket.Anushka Shah | Conant Crier

Compton’s olive green Khaki jacket.

Sarah Compton, ’18, wears a olive green khaki jacket. It keeps her both warm but stylish at the same time. “I really love the color olive green; it’s definitely a trending color right now and a great color for the fall and winter,” she said.

Mallampalli's black North Face.Anushka Shah | Conant Crier

Mallampalli’s black North Face.

Alekya Mallampalli, ’18, chooses to stay warm with her favorite North Face. She says it’s perfectly snug on her but also light enough to keep her active. North Face is an expensive brand, but Mallampalli bought her jacket for $60, which is $100 less than the regular retail price. She tries to find sales wherever she can to save money.



During the cold season, it’s great to throw on a light sweater to keep you warm in school, but not too hot. Lighter sweaters can be paired with skirts, jeans, and leggings, and they can also be worn on cool summer days.

Patel's light blue chambray button down.Anushka Shah | Conant Crier

Patel’s light blue chambray button down.

Mallampalli's cozy red sweater.Anushka Shah | Conant Crier

Mallampalli’s cozy red sweater.

Mallampalli prefers a red cropped sweater from H&M. She loves it because it lets her stay warm but still look good. She describes it as being very cozy. “It’s one of my favorites because of how versatile it is.”

Shriya Patel, ‘18, says comfort is her first priority when deciding what to wear to school, so she chooses a chambray button down. The shirt is classy but also keeps her comfortable through the long school day.


Girls have a variety of bottoms to choose from during winter. They can wear simple leggings, jeans, skirts, or even full dresses. Leggings and jeans are two common choices for women because they pair nicely with coats, sweaters, and even short sleeved tops.

Compton’s light washed ripped jeans from American Eagle.

Compton prefers light washed ripped jeans from American Eagle because “ripped jeans make any outfit stand out and give the wearer an edgy look.”

Unlike Compton, Patel likes to don a pair of plain leggings from Lululemon because they keep her comfortable and fashionable. She accompanies the leggings with her button down and a large red scarf.


Shoes complete an outfit. Like bottoms, the winter presents many different opportunities for women’s shoes as well. Women can choose from stylish gym shoes from Nike or Adidas, or flat shoes such as Converse or Vans. Boots, leather or felt, are also a popular choice.

Mallampalli likes to stick with a classic white Converse. They are her go-to shoes because of their comfortable feel and stylish look.

Patel's leather riding boots.Anushka Shah | Conant Crier

Patel’s leather riding boots.

Patel prefers to wear brown leather riding boots from Kohl’s. She explains, “These boots look great with everything and are very comfortable. They work in rain or shine.”'

Anushka Shah

Anushka is a junior and this is her third year on the Crier staff. She is a writer for mainly the opinions section but loves to write for everything. She participates in Cougar Service Club, Science Olympiad, and SASA. Outside of school she likes to read, discover music, and spend time with her friends.

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