Stylish looks for the winter season: males

While it may seem that the winter is gone, summer is still a long way away. The cold is still here to stay, so these male Conant students give their advice for staying warm and stylish during these cool days.


Will Corbett, ‘17, is keeping the heat with his Olympia Mink Coat. Corbett explains that the main characteristic he searches for in coats is warmth. “Fur and down feathers insulate like no other. I chose a fur coat over a puffer down jacket because of personal taste,” he said.

Will Corbett's Olympia Mink coatStephen Ly | Conant Crier

Will Corbett’s Olympia Mink coat

The long coat hangs far past his waist. While the coat looks expensive, luxury doesn’t always mean a hefty price-tag. Corbett purchased his coat at his local Salvation Army.

Ryan Tobas' Ring of Fire bomber jacket.Stephen Ly | Conant Crier

Ryan Tobas’ Ring of Fire bomber jacket.

Ryan Tobas, ‘18, opts for a more slim-fitting, Ring of Fire bomber jacket. “The coat could be warmer, but I like it because it much easier to move in,” Tobas said.

In case the temperature drops, Tobas keeps a pair of North Face gloves and a Burberry scarf to keep in the heat.


Stoil Ionov's Sport Selecta Track Top.Stephen Ly | Conant Crier

Stoil Ionov’s Sport Selecta Track Top.

Indoors, sweaters and hoodies are a great midway point between jackets and shirts. Stoil Ionov, ‘17, chooses an athletic outfit featuring the Sport Selecta Track Top by Palace Skateboards. He prefers it because it is lightweight and allows him to move around when biking. He also recommends Adidas track jackets and windbreakers for people who prefer to be mobile.

Tobas' Vlone Friends hoodie.Stephen Ly | Conant Crier

Tobas’ Vlone Friends hoodie.

Preferring an urban look, Tobas chose a Vlone Friends Hoodie. Vlone is an iconic example of urban streetwear and compliments the bomber jacket well. If you’re looking for hyped streetwear, Tobas recommends Supreme, Palace Skateboards, and Off-White.



Ionov and Luke Mesheimer, ’17, sport Levi Strauss denim. Ionov prefers the 511 Slim Stretch Fit, while Mesheimer likes the 513 Slim Straight. Tobas decided to take a different route, wearing the Skinny Low Jeans from H&M.

Instead of jeans, Corbett wears RSQ chinos from Tilly’s. “I don’t feel as stiff and immobile in chinos like I do in denim,” Corbett said . He also praised the softer materials and how much more it stretched compared to jeans.


Ionov's Common Projects Achilles.Stephen Ly | Conant Crier

Ionov’s Common Projects Achilles.

Ionov chooses to wear Common Projects Achilles Low. Being white-on-white means they stain very easily, so he sometimes swaps them out for Vans.

There has been a recent trend of Nike SB Janoskis and Vans at CHS. Mesheimer follows it with a twist. Instead of the more common Vans Authentic, he wears Vans Era Italian Weave. These shoes have become a trend for their simplicity and affordability.

Mesheimer's Vans Era Italian Weave.Stephen Ly | Conant Crier

Mesheimer’s Vans Era Italian Weave.

“Vans have a cleaner sole with no accents and stripes, no ‘in-your-face’ logos, and no toe cap,” Mesheimer said. “Sometimes less is better, and that’s why Vans have become such a trend.”

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