The Hijab is a way of life

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    Farisa Khan looking elegant in her ethnic fashion.
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Soft silks, cotton delicates or jersey knits caress a Muslim woman’s hands as she wraps them around her head, creating stylistic hijabs. She styles it with twinkling pins, elegant necklaces and perky bows. A hijab is not just a piece of cloth on a woman’s head; it’s a way of life.

Trendsetting Hijabi clothing has made an appearance in the Conant hijabi community, and more students are deciding to express themselves with printed hijabs, color coordinating with loose-fitting outfits and all kinds of jewelry.

History of fashion among Muslim women

According to Islamic teachings, Muslim women are encouraged to cover their hair and leave behind figure-hugging and skin-baring clothing.

While this criteria may seem restricting, junior and leader of Conant’s Muslim Student Association Farisa Khan doesn’t think so. She said, “Hijab-wearing women should never feel limited to wearing what they want, and they should be able to expand their horizons and find creative ways to look amazing and modest.”

Hijabs are worn to cover up a woman’s hair, neck and sometimes her face. Khan said that a hijab is not just a cover up, “it’s the physical and mental collection of our modesty as a whole. To us, it’s a symbol for expressing our inner beauty and our religion.”

Junior Urwah Mirzad is a committed hijabi and said that Muslim women who wear hijab do it for themselves, not for other people.

Hijabi fashion bloggers

In the Hijabi community at Conant, fashion bloggers play a huge role in helping students style their hijabs. Hijabi fashion bloggers are inspirational and motivate women to dress any way they want to, said sophomore Sakeena Nazeer.

These bloggers also help Muslim women by giving them new ideas for outfits and different ways to style their hijabs. Junior Butool Fardha said that these new trends can expand the knowledge about the hijab of non-Muslims. Khan mentioned that the trends prove that hijab-wearing women can dress nicely and look good even with their hair covered.

Fashion Trends

According to Khan, the majority of the hijabis in Conant are starting to wear hijabs with no underscarves. She said that she thinks this is a very positive trend to conform to because it’s easy to style and it only takes a few minutes to wrap.

Outfit Trends stated that a large number of hijab-wearing women are starting to wear maxi skirts and loose tops. Mirzad said that she thinks the reason her friends and other women are following this trend is because it provides more coverage yet still looks elegant and sophisticated.

According to Hijabi Fashion Inspiration, long shirts with knee-high boots are also becoming very popular. Mirza, Khan and Fardha all said that they love wearing this outfit because it covers everything but they still look nice in it. The website also says that bows, headbands and beaded pins are making a huge comeback. Nazeer said that she loves accessorizing her hijabs with assorted pins and headbands. She also said that she’s seen other hijab-wearing students starting to mimic her ideas.

“Styling hijabs don’t stop there,” Nazeer said. “My hijabi friends and I have been wearing necklaces as headbands and earrings as pins.”

Fardha said, “After noticing the trends you pointed out, I can’t help but to smile because now I know for sure that we are a community and that the hijab is not something that holds us back from looking good and expressing ourselves!”

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