This is Halloween…Through the Years

  • Halloween '74
    Mrs. Nowak (rabbit) and her brother and dad circa 1974.
  • Halloween 76ish
    Mrs. Nowak dressed as Raggedy Ann (crica 1976)
  • image1 (2)
    Mr. Malloy dressed as a cat when he was 2 years old.
  • IMG_0002
    Miss A. Schweinebraten as a Panda. 1992
  • IMG_20141027_215529_edit1
    Miss A. and C. Schweinebraten as the Spice Girls 1997. Miss A. Schweinebraten- Sporty Spice and Miss C. Schweinebraten Ginger Spice.
  • procsimple
    Mrs. Spizzirri dressed as a Granny (left) with her two siblings.
  • 1890
    A group of friends celebrates Halloween in 1890
  • 1920
    Butterflies and witches were popular costumes in the 1920's
  • 1939
    The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf pose for a picture together in 1939
  • 1948
    Children gather for a Halloween picture in 1948
  • 1951
    Two girls pose for a Halloween dance recital in 1951
  • 60s
    Super hero costumes were as popular in the 60's as they are today
  • 1970s
    Children pose for a picture in the 70's
  • 80s
    A little boy dressed as Michael Jackson in the 80's

Halloween has kept its roots with  people of all ages celebrating for decades, starting from a religious festival called All Hallows’ Eve. Witches, black cats, and superheroes are all common Halloween costumes, and especially dressing up through the decades. From flappers to hippies to disco dancers, costumes from decades are loved by children and parents alike. These vintage costumes are fun to wear, but what did those flappers, hippies and disco dancers wear on Halloween back in the day? Check out this gallery to find out.

For some bonus Halloween fun, try to spot a few of your teachers!


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