Conant Cheers for Mr. Cougar

  • DSC_0010
    Mr. Kufess (right), dressed as Thor, announcing the show with Mr. Malloy (left).
  • DSC_0022
    All the participants put on an opening dance before the contest.
  • DSC_0125
    Chandler Lantern and his mom showing off their duet singing skills during the talent portion.
  • DSC_0063
    Hilarious costume act put on at Mr. Cougar.
  • DSC_0056
    Chandler Lantern, dressed as Steve Harvey from Family Feud during the talent portion, accompanied by Nate Armando (left) and Michael Lampert (right).
  • DSC_0178
    Nate Armando impressing the crowd with his magic act.
  • DSC_0164
    Luke Cunningham nd his mom during their hilarious SNL skit.
  • DSC_0191
    Michale Lampert and his mom showing off their dancing talent.
  • DSC_0143
    Tony Piltaver with his mom and sister dancing for the talent portion.
  • DSC_0132
    Eric Sharringhousen and his mom lip singing
  • DSC_0115
    Tony Piltaver asking his date to prom dressed as Prince Charming.
  • DSC_0201
    The Mr. Cougar competitors uniting together to celebrated the awesome performances.
  • DSC_0207
    Nate Armando winning 3rd place.
  • DSC_0209
    Eric Sharringhousen wins second place.
  • DSC_0221
    Chandler Lantern winning 1st place after a night of great acts.

Lights! Camera! Cougars! Every year Conant hosts the Mr. Cougar pageant, where 11 CHS seniors compete in a hilarious male beauty pageant. This tradition has gone on at Conant for as far back as students and administrators can remember, and this year the participants put on a show like no other.

The senior participants did a great job, and the laughs and cheers proved them all winners. The participants were Anthony Piltaver, Bobby Alexander, Chandler Lantern, Luke Cunningham, Michael Lampert, Chase Hermanson, Nate Armando, Shil Mehta, Mohit Bandla, Griffin Rose, and Eric Sharringhousen.

Mr. Moravek explained, “It brings everyone from all of Conant. It’s a great time and an end of the year senior party.” There were many qualified competitors, so the judges had some tough choices to make. Tony Piltaver was voted Mr. Congeniality by his fellow cougar competitors, while Nate Armando took 3rd, Eric Sharringhousen took 2nd, and Chandler Lantern took the 2015 title of Mr. Cougar.

All the boys were strong competitors in the costume and talent portions where Nate Armando impressed the crowd with his stellar magic act and Chandler showcased his duet singing skills with his mom.

Piltaver said, “We have a great group of guys in this years competition. Basically, we all are the best candidates.”

The main reason Piltaver competed is for the students and faculty of Conant High School. “What teachers and students do on an everyday basis is tough and sometimes dull. I would just like to get on the stage and allow them to have a good time watching the contestants of this years competition make fools of themselves,” he explained.

Not only is Mr. Cougar fun for everyone to watch, but the proceeds raised go to fund a greater cause. Mr. Moravek, who is the student counselor administrator and had a large role in putting the Mr. Cougar event together, said “All the money collected will go to find scholarships at Conant. The two scholarships the funding supports are the Rachel Laird scholarship and the Larry Schroeder scholarship.” The remaining money is donated to cougars in need to help Conant’s very own. Alongside the laughs at this year’s Mr. Cougar pageant, a lot of money was also raised to give back to our students and community.

This year a new twist was introduced to incentivize students to come to the event. The winners of the cupcake decorating contest for Conant’s Cupcakes for a Cause event would get to judge Mr. Cougar later that same night. This year the turnout was fantastic and the Cupcake decorating contest reeled tons of students in. There is no doubt that alongside the laughs at this year’s Mr.Cougar pageant, a lot of money was also raised to give back to our students and community.

Dhvanii Raval

Dhvanii is the editor-in-chief and a senior. This is her fourth year on the staff; she was also editor-in-chief last year, a Features editor her sophomore year, and a writer her freshman year. Dhvanii is looking forward to a great year leading the staff. At Conant, Dhvanii is captain of the Debate team, a leader of HOSA, and also member of BPA and the Principal Advisory Board. Outside of school, Dhvanii likes to volunteer and binge watch her favorite TV shows. An interesting fact about Dhvanii is she is a black belt in karate.

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